Why Now Hiring Signs Are the Way to Go for Restaurants Post COVID-19 Pandemic

Business success depends primarily on how well you hire and fire your staff. Staffing can be challenging in full-service and even quick-service restaurants. Small restaurant owners keen on providing an exceptionally high quality of services and perfect solutions encounter a few challenges and issues in restaurant staffing. As per the reports, over one out of ten restaurants had shuttered during the COVID-19 global pandemic. 

Widespread Unemployment Post COVID-19

Since the beginning of the pandemic, over 8 million restaurant staff have been furloughed or laid off, as per the reports of the National Restaurant Association. The employees who stayed at work lost monetarily, and some even lost their lives. Now businesses have reopened, but restaurants are bleeding employees and having a tough time looking for their replacements. The food and restaurant sector is experiencing an inexplicable trend. There is very high unemployment in the restaurant sector yet; millions of job openings and opportunities remain vacant and unfulfilled.

Staffing: Greatest Challenge for Restaurant Owners

According to CNBC, the sales for the food & restaurant industry were expected to go up almost 20 percent to $789 billion in 2021 from $659 billion, as recorded in 2020. We understand that labor challenges seemed to have become far more intense, with 75 percent of operators claiming that successful recruitment and retention of workers seemed to be their biggest business challenge currently. 

As per Statistica, almost 40 percent of restaurants claim to be severely understaffed. It is an open secret that restaurants have intensified their hiring endeavors. It is evident that hiring and even retaining high-quality staff is currently a challenge faced by all restaurants. If a restaurant owner wishes to stand out from the rest and rope in the ideal candidate, he should use the perfect hiring signage to attract the right staff and motivate them to promptly apply for the vacant positions. Let us explore the reasons why ‘Now Hiring Signage’ is your best bet for filling your restaurant’s hiring requirements.

Reasons to Use ‘Now Hiring Signage’

Best for Targeting Your Actual Audience: It is crucial for restaurants to target candidates located in their area. Candidates are unlikely to consider traveling long-distance daily unless your pay package and other perks or benefits are far more impressive than others. To fill in vacant positions in your restaurant business, you may use an effective Now Hiring Sign as it will specifically target the local candidates.

Low-Budget Advertising Approach: Several types of local advertising may be accompanied by exorbitant price tags. Now Hiring Signs are cost-effective, yet they are best for reaching a broader targeted audience. You are most likely to find the right candidate to fill your vacant positions.

Best for Boosting Brand Awareness: ‘Now Hiring Signs’ must include your restaurant logo and brand name. If you are a reputed restaurant in your locality or industry, ‘Now Hiring Signs’ will help enhance brand recognition. Do not hesitate to incorporate your logo in an attention-grabbing position. 

Things to Do to Attract the Right Candidate

  • Use bold themes, and bright colors for grabbing the attention of the right candidates. By using vibrant colors, you can instantly connect and engage with onlookers, passersby, car drivers, and even pedestrians.
  • Express the qualifications and skills you are seeking in a candidate.


It is a good idea to bring down or remove a hiring sign, now and then. Do not let it hang around for an extended time because then people will know that the restaurant has openings but it is failing to hire the right candidates.


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