Why Do You Need WiFi Marketing to Make Your Business Successful and More Efficient?

Using a smartphone to access the Internet is nothing new, but it was not so long ago that public Internet was pay-by-the-minute or hour. Today, many businesses have become a nearly universal go-to for free Internet that doesn’t use up a smartphone’s data plan.

In 2022, if a restaurant, retailer, hotel, stadium, transportation hub, or even bank doesn’t offer free guest internet, it is losing customers to another venue that does. Worse, the business loses the many powerful marketing opportunities that guest WiFi offers. These days many companies are now using WiFi marketing to make business more successful.

Internet marketing targets specific customers with e-mails, text messages, and push notifications based on their on-site habits, where they visit within a location, demographics, and other metrics. Big data analysis turns the vast amount of information collected into good profiles and actionable information about customers. Messages can be launched at any time, such as moments after the customer enters or leaves the location. Many companies are now using WiFi for business to make the organization more successful than their competitors.

Wi-Fi has been used in brand marketing strategies even before the smartphone came along when you had to insert a card into the side of your laptop to get wireless internet. I don’t mean just collecting emails to send out promotions and coupon codes to customers. Public Wi-Fi was one of the first forms of digital signage available. Today it takes on a new role in the digital marketing ecosystem from the point of purchase and buys. Read on to get knowledge about WiFi marketing tools and their importance.

Why Should Businesses Use WiFi Marketing

Wi-Fi is the perfect solution if you have a place with an active Wi-Fi network. Plus, you don’t want to spend money on new hardware, as your router is the only device you need. Considering signal strength, Wi-Fi is more reliable than a beacon signal. It also cannot achieve similar accuracy as Wi-Fi networks that cover large areas. Online marketing is also helpful if you want to make sure customers have Bluetooth. This significantly increases the conversion rates of beacon campaigns.

Benefits of using WiFi Marketing Tools

Build Strong Connection with Customers

Wi-Fi access helps customers stay productive and connected in your store. So, they want to stay longer. In fact, up to 52% of companies say that customers spend more time on their premises when Wi-Fi is offered. And if they stay there longer, they will probably encourage their friends and family to spend more time in your business, too.

Customers can be informed of the latest promotions, discounts, bargains in stores. Plus, in the Wi-Fi coverage area, they do not miss the opportunity to buy at low prices. Map tracking and zoning also allow customers to compare and select the best possible products/services. Also, the captive portal tool can be used to collect customer profiles, create customer databases, and automate marketing.

Improve Customer Wi-Fi Experience

To provide an effective online marketing service, take a close look at how your public Wi-Fi is deployed. Many digital marketing services will help you with the overall network implementation. This gives you full control over the customer experience and ensures that logging into your Wi-Fi is seamless and easy. Many companies are now using WiFi for business organizations

SMS Marketing

You can grant access to your wi-fi without gathering information about your customers, but why would you? Most people will be willing to give up their email addresses to get some free wi-fi. You can tether your wi-fi login to a simple opt-in box that asks for the customer’s email address and first name.

Once you’ve got their email addresses, you can use that data to send promotions and relevant content that will help turn them from one-time visitors into loyal customers. Another option is SMS marketing. You can ask customers for their mobile number instead of (or in addition to) their email address. A word of caution, though – I’ve told you before that adding one extra field to a form can decrease your conversion rate. 

Final Thought

Cloud-based WiFi marketing solutions are most straightforward to implement, as they are available globally and managed centrally in just one place. They can also be easily integrated with other business and data analysis applications.

Setting up WiFi marketing is neither difficult nor time-consuming. Essential features can be running within days, although most customers implement advanced features – such as customer location tracking within a location – over time. The WiFi marketing solution is a big data application that can work with existing business analytics and management tools.


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