Choosing .22 LR rifle is like selecting the “best” taste of ice cream. We can all agree that pistachio is terrible, however all of the different flavors? It’s a count number of opinion. The MeatEater Crew has by no means been quick on opinions, so we polled some of the men to percentage with you some .22 LR rifle alternatives to healthy each finances and hunt.

We’ve fallen in love with those double-deuce rifles, however they aren’t the Best 22 rifle weapons able to bringing domestic small recreation. If you don’t see something on our listing that fits your fancy, you need to remember those standards earlier than creating a decision:

  1. Cost
  2. Accuracy
  3. Trigger
  4. Reliability

We’re seeking out a pretty less expensive rifle that also supplies withinside the accuracy branch and functions a crisp, easy cause. Reliability is one of the maximum essential standards. A reasonably-priced gun isn’t really well worth the financial savings if it jams, and a pleasant cause and terrific accuracy won’t do you a great deal appropriate if you may’t ship rounds downrange.


You’ll have a difficult time locating a greater passionate and skilled group of small recreation hunters than the men at MeatEater. You may determine that a lever-motion Henry Golden Boy or a semi-car AR-kind rifle is greater your speed, however in case you go along with any of those 4 alternatives, they won’t allow you to down.


Double-deuce rifles are less expensive and clean to discover, however who desires to spend greater than they’ve to? Not us. That’s why we use those 4 standards on every occasion we’re considering pulling the cause on a brand new purchase.

1. Cost

You can spend as a great deal or as low as you need on a .22 LR rifle. We’ve visible men at competitions with custom, tricked-out setups, and we’ve visible killer squirrel hunters the usage of bargain-bin rimfires from pawn shops. The secret is to decide your finances and ensure you’re getting a terrific deal. To studies the marketplace values of clearly any rifle, appearance it up on-line at a internet site like GunBroker or a massive provider like Drury’s Guns. For greater info on shopping a used firearm, click on here.

2. Accuracy

Accuracy is essential in case you’re making plans on making head photographs on small recreation, however don’t get too bent out of form in this point. A rifle that shoots a one-inch institution at 50 yards might be greater correct than you’ll want withinside the squirrel woods, or even much less correct rifles can get the task done.

You generally won’t be capable of affirm a rifle’s accuracy earlier than shopping it, however any new rifle from a prime producer will greater than probably be correct enough. One seasoned tip: Try one-of-a-kind styles of ammo to maximise accuracy. Different bullet weights, velocities, and producers could have a substantial effect in your gun’s accuracy.

3. Trigger

Unlike accuracy, triggers may be examined earlier than creating a purchase. You’re seeking out a pretty mild pull and a easy destroy with out grittiness or mushiness. You may be a success with a so-so cause, however it’s less difficult to maintain photographs heading in the right direction while your cause doesn’t sense like squeezing a moist sponge.

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4. Reliability

If cleanliness is subsequent to godliness, the .22 LR is a actual delinquent. It’s an infamously grimy cartridge, which equates to gummed up moves and ignored opportunities. Bolt, lever, and pump-motion rifles can mitigate maximum of this capacity unreliability, however be cautious while deciding on a semi-car. Even the a great deal loved Ruger 10/22 can jam if now no longer nicely cared for, and less expensive semi-vehicles can beextremely choosy approximately ammunition. If your rifle jams frequently, strive switching to a one-of-a-kind form of ammo. Often, jacketed .22 LR will run higher than lead-nosed alternatives.


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