Top 5 Timeless Logo Styles by the Best Logo Design Agency for 2022

The logo design agency is the core of marketing where a company tries to become a brand by creating a business identity. Logos play a vital role in the success of organizations representing their core values, goals, and services in a visually appealing way that attracts customers. Hence, this leads to customers learning more about the product and purchasing it. Since they get used everywhere, it becomes essential to create next-level logos using various fonts, colors, and typefaces. We have a lot of examples of large organizations like Unilever that are well known to the world with their logo. Anyone can easily recognize it.

Companies need a professional logo design to persuade customers to buy their products or services. These logos can be either be a name of a company, its initial, or icons that represent its core values. Though this might sound easy, in reality, logo designing is challenging. It needs patience and creativity to design unique logos. The logo should have all the elements to make it outshine others including, unique, timeless, memorable, and simple. There are various logos that companies can choose from depending on their industry. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

5 Types Unique Logos by the Top Logo Design Agency

1.     Letterforms

The letterform logos have one letter that usually includes the first letter of your company’s name. These logos are small and easily scalable, meaning they can get used on multiple screens without getting pixelated. Even in the mini scale dimensions, they are easily visible and recognizable. Moreover, they have a simple design avoiding too many details and icons. Many businesses to date use the one-letter logo to create a distinctive image among the audience. However, they usually get used for app icons, social media profiles, etc. Unlike other logos, they work best for well-reputed companies or might get confusing to remember new company’s names. According to the best logo design agency, a few big brands using letterform logos are McDonald’s, Uber, Netflix, and Facebook.

2.     Wordmarks

These logos are the opposite of letterform logos as they have the company’s name written as a typeface. Though they might look simple and straightforward, they are complex to create. There are rare companies that design a custom typeface for their logo, such as Coca-Cola. They require the knowledge and expertise to create attractive logos. The designers should choose the logo fonts carefully as they reflect the brand’s identity. Since the rapid advancement, people and companies are taking a modern approach towards their work processes, and designing logos is one of them.

The professional logo design asks for sans serif font for a sleek and trendy logo though it might need more elaborated typefaces to capture the user’s attention. Companies should brainstorm whether they want a capital letter, small letters, or both with unique characters and colors for their logo design. If you have a unique and catchy name, it might be your turn to create a competitive edge. Subway, eBay, and Wix are a few examples of such companies.

3.     Emblems

Are you searching for badge logos? Emblems end your search for badge logos that use a combination of text and images to design logos giving it the aesthetic vibes. But before you select the emblem, it becomes essential to know your industry. Secondly, these logos get used by various industries, especially sports teams, universities, etc. The unique logos give the brands the much-needed space to add a slogan, conveying the brand message.

Furthermore, they focus on intricate details that are best for well-known companies. Hence, they might be less versatile for developing companies trying to create a brand image in the industry. But such companies can opt for the simpler versions. Starbuck, Manchester United, and Harley Davidson are a few of the most popular brands using emblems to represent their ideology.

4.     Logo Symbols, Brand Marks, or Pictorial Marks

The logo symbols are also known as brand marks or pictorial marks that use graphical icons, images, or symbols to represent the brand’s core values and activities. These symbols get used by some of the large organizations that are recognized by their logos. Here is the example of Apple, one of the most renowned brands that have created a strong brand identity through its logo design. What could get better but identifying the brand from far. On the other hand, searching for the best image might be challenging for companies, especially for new startups that create a brand image.

Since the brands are growing, they will add new products and services in the long run. Hence, creating a logo with the business name incorporated might be smart for such companies. The logo design agency always talks about memorable and timeless logos, emphasizing choosing unique symbols that represent your logo and doesn’t need changes.

The pictorial logo designs were trending last year and are bound to stay for 2022 but will they be trending in 2023 is a different story. Hence, this makes it essential for companies to design logos carefully as logo trends keep changing with time, and changing a logo often, will adversely affect your brand image. Lastly, these logos set a powerful tone delivering the company’s message to make it memorable. Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are a few examples of such logos.

5.     Mascots

Logos using illustrated characters have become a norm that reflects the brand’s identity. Such logos are known as Mascots that help customers connect to the brand easily. Next time, if you want to target a kids brand, remember it adds value to your business with its playful and fun elements that attract the audience. Moreover, they create high engagement and work best for social media marketing campaigns. Unlike a standard or professional logo design, we see these logos appealing to a larger audience as it is more detailed with a simpler design. KFC is one of the biggest brands that use Mascots to visually represent the company’s message while interacting with children and adults. The next time you want to target children, you don’t have to go through a long process to select the perfect type of logo.

Logos are an integral part of the branding and marketing strategy. They communicate the company’s message effectively. Different companies or industries use various logos to create a powerful impact and attract customers. If you are searching for a professional logo design, you should hire a logo design agency that helps create unique and timeless logos for your business. The above was the most trending logos of 2021 and will get used in 2022 to design bespoke logos for immersive user experiences.


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