The Shocking Health Risks of Not Using Cushion Covers

The covers that protect your soft cushions are very underrated home accessories. No homeowner thinks they need them until they realize how sensitive most cushions are. These covers allow users to protect their sensitive cushions. Bright, well-designed covers can even make old pillows look and feel new.

These covers are also easy to wash (unlike the cushions themselves). With these covers, users can always relax on fresh and clean cushions. Plus, there are so many cover designs to choose from. Covers with unique patterns and sophisticated designs can instantly make dull sofas and chairs appear appealing interesting.

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t give importance to these covers. They don’t use these covers at all. By doing so, they expose their cushions and themselves to several harmful elements.

Some of these harmful elements include –

  • Germs, dirt, bacteria, and dead skin can build up inside your cushions if you don’t cover them.
  • Cushions are not easy to wash. Not using covers means that your cushions won’t remain fresh, fluffy, and clean for long periods.
  • Cushions can get damaged due to exposure to sunlight. They can fade in color, and their fabrics may deteriorate in quality due to sunlight exposure. Using sun-resistant cushion covers to prevent this is very important.
  • In regions that witness heavy rain or snowfall, cushions can become breeding spots for mold and mildew. Without the protection of water-resistant covers, these cushions absorb moisture and invite bacterial infestations.

These are the known risks of not covering your cushions at all times. You can inhale dust, bacteria, and germs if you use dirty, uncovered cushions. Protective covers not only prevent the rapid buildup of germs inside cushions – they’re super-easy to clean. These covers can be washed and dried every week.

Users can ensure that they always use super-clean and super-fresh cushions just by machine washing their covers every other week. Protective covers expand the lifespans of cushions. They make them cleaner, easier to use, and resistant to external contaminants. More importantly, they help the cushion owners and users preserve their health.

Shocking Health Risks of Using Uncovered Cushions

Do you think all the dust in your home is just dead skin cells? We’ve heard this “fact” before, but new research is proving it to be untrue. According to a recent study, most of the dust motes that float inside our homes are plastic microfibers. These synthetic microfibers have no business inside our lungs.

A lot of the small particles of floating dust that we see in rays of light are plastic microfibers. Due to our over-dependency on plastics and plastic products, these microfibers are now in every home. Home is not the ideal place for airborne plastics because of all the health risks they pose.

These microfibers can carry chemical pesticides, heavy metals, and other harmful elements. When we breathe in these microfibers, they go directly into our lungs. Cushions that are exposed all day accumulate a lot of these microfibers. The best way to avoid them is to conceal them with protective covers at all times. Then, wash those covers regularly.


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