Taking up space in your home with equipment is unnecessary and can slow real change, says Omar Yunes.

When people want to get into shape, they often start with the process of shopping around. Omar Yunes recently spoke out on how this decision-making process can really end up as a form of procrastination that gets in the way of real change. As the CEO of 54D, he knows how hard it is to get started and stay consistent. His program is centered around changing the lives of participants, and part of the requirements include a complete commitment for the entire session.

Omar Yunes explains that expensive home gym equipment isn’t necessary. “People tend to think they are going to get in shape if they just get a treadmill or weight set,” he notes. “It isn’t the equipment that makes you get in shape. I guarantee you won’t see your new stationary bike sitting there are suddenly feelneed compelled to change your habits. Instead, real success comes from actually making the change.”

He says home gym equipment may have its place in some workouts, but intense workouts can be done using bodyweight alone. “Why to buy equipment before you’ve even started the process of changing your habits?” he ponders. “Be honest with yourself—did you just order a rack or punching bag because that shipping date will give you some extra time? You need to get started now, regardless of whether or not you purchase the equipment down the road.”

Many homeowners end up with several large workout pieces that take up a lot of space and don’t get much use. He says many people have good intentions but lack motivation when their equipment arrives.

Instead, Omar Yunes recommends starting with bodyweight training to build strength and endurance before deciding if more equipment could enhance your regimen. With consistent workouts, people see the real transformation with bodyweight workouts and don’t have to commit to the expensive equipment first. He says the most important thing is staying consistent so you can experience a noticeable change in your stress levels, body toning, and endurance level.

“People say they get addicted to working out, and it’s true,” he says. “But, you have to give it time to work. At first, it’s going to be a hard battle to stick with it. That’s exactly why we started 54D. Our program doesn’t require a bunch of fancy equipment, but it does require your full commitment.”

The program offers more than just a high-intensity training regimen. The upbeat community, recovery therapy, and customized nutrition plans also make a big difference in shaping healthier habits.

The intense workout program was brought to Miami during the height of the pandemic. They then added an online feature for people who weren’t local or didn’t want to attend in-person classes. “This is absolutely something you can do from your home with our live classes,” he says. “It still takes the commitment to 54 days of changing your habits. We still require you to show up and give 150%. But you can do it right from the comfort of your home, and you can get started now.”


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