Shimla Tourism 2022–   Best Things to Do and Places to Visit

Shimla, situated in the lap of the Shivalik Range is one of the best holiday destination in India. The beautiful and totally mesmerizing places here make it much more attractive. It has also made Shimla tourism, one of the most demanding in recent days. The Shimla Manali tour packages are the ones being opted in great numbers. So, let us discover several places and things to do that continuously attract tourists.

Best Things to do on Shimla Tour

Enjoy the Toy Train In Kalka

Shimla tourism

Riding on the Toy Train of Shimla is still one of the favorite activities one can enjoy doing in Shimla. This actually will get you back to your babyhood. The ride will show you the best landscapes of the hills, rivers, forests, mountains in Shimla. The numerous tunnels and bridges in the way make the journey more exciting. The total journey by toy train will take a maximum of 6 hours. The most famous trains that you can opt for are the Kalka Shimla Express and the Himalayan Queen. The tickets for the train will totally depend upon the class that you choose. The ticket prices generally range from Rs.65 to Rs.470.

Do Shopping at Lakkar Bazaar

Lakkar Bazaar is connected to the Ridge and is also one of the most immeasurable purchasing spots in Shimla. The major arts and crafts for which this bazaar is famous are the wooden craved toys and the curios. These artifacts are made by the community of the Sikh people living here. Along with the souvenirs, you can also witness the delicious cuisine in the nearby hotels and cafes. The various popular street cuisine you will find here is also tikkis and chole bhatures. The things that you can take back for your friends and family can be wooden toys, Kullu Shawls, Pashmina Shawls, Handicrafts, and walking sticks.

Explore the Johnnie’s Wax Museum

Among the top places to visit in Shimla, Johnnie’s Wax Museum is one. Here you can explore the wax statues of famous personalities. The historical figures, movie stars, singers, sports icons, and popular fictional figures, everyone has their reserved place in this museum. You can witness the statue of your favorite one and get a selfie with them. The museum continues unlocked from 10 a.m. till 10

p.m. So, choose the best time to visit since you might take one hour to explore the entire museum. The entry ticket price for each person will be Rs. 250.

Go Trekking

Since Shimla is situated at the very center of a beautifully heightened topography, it is a perfect place for treks. The trekking can be for a whole day or seldom multiple days. The multiple day’s treks are arranged by the agencies so that you get the proper arrangements and camping facilities in between. You can enjoy the treks and on the way witness the beautiful mountains, orchards, alpine forests, and many more things in Shimla. The major trekking spots in Shimla are Shali Tibba, Dhanu Devta Temple, Chadwick Falls, Kamna Devi Temple, Jalori Pass, and many more.

Hike to the Jakhu Hill and Temple

Jakhu hill is at an elevation of 2455 meters above sea level and is one of the major hiking spots in Shimla. Hiking to this hill in Shimla is the favorite activity for adventure seekers and lovers. The mesmerizing natural beauty that you will witness during your trek will spellbind you. The beautiful hills, snow-covered Shivalik Range, Aline Forest will astonish you throughout the way. At the end of your hike, you will also witness the giant 108 feet tall statue of the god Hanuman. Hence the hike will finally come to an end at the Jakhu Temple.

Best Places to Visit in Shimla

The Ridge

The Ridge is the must-visit place in Shimla. It is dwelled in the midst of the city and offers you spectacular views. This spacious place offers you the scenic beauty of the snow-covered mountains. The famous places to visit here are Christ Church and the Tudor Library. You can also enjoy shopping and dining at the hotels over here.

Summer Hill

The other name of the summer hill is Potter’s hill. The name did not come from the JK Rowling series. Instead, it was given because the place was famous for collecting clay by the potters. From the height, you can get the best view of Shimla. You can also observe the virtue of Chadwick Falls. You can also attend the Indian Institute of Advanced Study and other places like Kalka Shimla Railway Station and get a ride too.


Kufri is a place located 17 km away from Shimla but included in the places to visit on your Shimla Tourism. The place is situated at an altitude of 2510 meters giving travelers a chance to witness nature’s beauty from height. The place is important for sightseeing and skiing. The other places over here to explore are the Kufri amusement park and the Wildlife zoo. It is one of the best tourist places near Shimla


Annandale is located at a distance of 4 km from the Ridge. The place was very famous during the British era. They used the place for racing and crickets majorly. But today the golf is placed in the flat land. The place has the famous Army museum and the Cactus Museum. You can also hike to the Glen and visit the nearby gardens here.

When to visit Shimla?

The most excellent season to visit Shimla is from March to June. During this time a maximum of the activities are open to enjoy and even several places that get affected by heavy snowfall remain open. But if you want to enjoy the snowfall in Shimla then nothing can be the best option other than November to January. 

Hence, Shimla has numerous places to witness and similarly numerous things to do. A person who is an adventure and fun seeker will be blessed to visit Shimla and others will do. This blog has further introduced you to the famous places in Shimla to visit so you can make a better itinerary. Similarly, add a few of the things to do mentioned here in your list.


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