The mom’s guide to selecting the baby bottles for newborn

Oh, baby. There are many baby bottles available to pick from. If you’re not sure about the various options this guide can simplify your decision-making process, from what is the most suitable baby bottle to give your baby to how many you’ll require.

Essential features to be aware of when purchasing a bottle for your baby

When it comes to choosing Baby Bottles for Gas and Colic Prevention, There are certain things that we have come to know are essentials. Every one of our baby bottles contains an anti-colic valve that is built into the nipple, which helps alleviate stomach discomfort. Each baby bottle is comfortable to carry and BPA-free.

It’s your choice

Then, those are the basic requirements. From there, you can begin selecting your options by considering your parenting style.

Are you going to be solely breastfeeding? Do you want to combine bottle feeding?

To ensure that you have a bottle for your baby that can help reduce colic and fits how you raise your child, we created two different types of bottles for babies: Classic+ and Natural.

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The two kinds of bottles for babies

This is a brief summary of how the two baby bottles compare, and which one is the best for you.

Baby Classic bottle

Imagine this Classic+ bottle like an excellent all-rounder to combat colic. It’s been clinically proven to lessen crying and fussing and features a swivel teat that allows for easy latch-on. The anti-colic valve built into the product makes it easy and quick to clean and put together.

Ideal to: Bottle-fed babies

Baby bottle made of natural

Our Natural bottle is ideal for mothers who wish to effortlessly switch between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. The design is intended to mimic the form of the breast The nipple is flexible and soft but sturdy enough to ensure it won’t fall down.

Ideal to use for Blending breastfeeding and bottles

The perfect Baby Bottle Size

After selecting the type of bottle you’d like for your baby and you’ve decided on a size, you can choose the size.

As your baby grows older, they’ll be better able to drink more water in one feeding. They’re more confident and their stomachs aren’t all that big anymore.

To make it easier for our customers, we’ve marked our baby bottles according to age.

Here’s a quick overview of the size baby bottle you’ll need as your baby grows

Nipple that is a match to the baby bottle you have

If the size of the bottle determines the amount of milk that is produced the nipple will determine the speed at which milk is poured out.

Make sure to remember that, if it’s this Natural infant bottle the difference is the design of the Nipple. It’s made to look similar to the shape of the breast.

Similar to the size of the bottle your nipple’s flow will increase depending on the baby’s age. We’ve also labeled our nipples with an age indicator However, keep in mind that each baby grows at its own pace. The flow rates can be determined by the numbers on the bottom of the finger.

If your child is ready to start transitioning to other liquids than milk, you could also test these nipples:

Adjust flow according to the thickness of the feed

More efficient flow of feed for heavier feeds

What number of baby bottles will be enough?

Sometimes, it may feel like your kid has more equipment than you have! What is enough? What’s the best way to limit your overkill?

Many moms feel that 6 bottles for babies (3 small and three large) will help them through the first six months. If you’re thinking of having others take care of your child it’s a good idea to buy spare bottles.


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