Sea thrift, Armeria maritima

Sea thrift, Armeria maritima, is an herbaceous perennial within side the family (Plumbaginaceae) local to mountains and temperate coastal regions of the northern hemisphere, in particular northern Europe, from northern California to Iceland to Siberia. There are numerous geographic subspecies that change specially in flower morphology and pollen structure. It is regularly determined in salty coastal environments wherein few different vegetation can develop nicely. Also referred to as not Armeria or sea purple, it’s miles hardy in zones four to eight.
This compact evergreen plant grows most effective 6 to twelve inches excessive and throughout from a woody faucet root. The slowly increasing mounded tuft consists of stiff, linear (needle-shaped), darkish-inexperienced leaves that commonly have hairs alongside their margins. This dense rosette offers the arrival of a low-developing decorative grass. In richer soils the leaves have a tendency to fall outwards leaving an open center. Since it’s miles evergreen, it ought to now no longer be reduce returned to the floor in fall like many different perennials as so as to have an effect on spring bloom.
In mid-spring small purple to lavender (or on occasion white) plant life are produced in globular clusters subtended via way of means of purplish, papery bracts at the ends of slender, unbranched, leafless stalks that amplify nicely above the foliage. Each flower has 5 petals joined at the bottom with 5 stamens and 5 separate styles. Deadhead complete flower stems to sell extra sporadic flowering during the summer. They may be used as reduce plant life. The plant life are observed via way of means of papery seed heads with a unmarried seed in every capsule.
Sea thrift grows nice in complete solar in lean, very nicely-tired soil. The vegetation are drought tolerant and do now no longer tolerate wet soils. They regularly rot within side the center, killing the complete plant, in heavy clay, soils which can be too fertile, or after a extended moist and funky fall. Because of this they have got a popularity for being brief-lived. However, given the right surroundings those vegetation can stay for decades and require little maintenance.

Sea thrift within reason effortlessly propagated from seed, normally flowering within side the 2d year. Sow seeds in spring or fall. It also can be propagated vegetatively via way of means of department in spring or basal cuttings taken in summer.
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Often vegetation provided are simply the species, however numerous cultivars are to be had including:

‘Alba’ – is smaller than the species (grows approximately five inches excessive and wide) with white plant life.
Armada™ Rose – has brilliant rose purple plant life on 6-eight inch excessive vegetation. There is likewise a white cultivar on this series.
‘Bloodstone’ – has brilliant deep purple, nearly crimson, plant life.
‘Cotton Tail’ – is a brief cultivar (6 inches excessive) with white plant life.
‘Dusseldorf Pride’ – has deep purple to wine crimson plant life on vegetation four-five inches tall and commonly repeat plant life withinside the fall.
‘Laucheana’ – has darker inexperienced foliage and brilliant purple plant life that rebloom intermittently.
‘Nifty Thrifty’ – this British choice has variegated foliage (a white stripe down the brink of every leaf).
‘Rubifolia’ – has magenta-purple plant life and darkish burgundy foliage in a mound four inches excessive and six inches throughout. The leaves end up greener all through the warmth of summer.


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