Physiotherapy: Everything You Need to Know

Physiotherapy is a field associated with healthcare.  The technique of manipulation and massages are implied for the treatment of different diseases and relieving various body parts from pain and cramps. The technique dates back to Hippocrates who is known to be one of the earliest practitioners who advised different types of physiotherapies to cure patients back in 460 B.C.

What are Physiotherapists and What Do They Do?

Physiotherapy Ashford Kent centers are becoming widely popular among people with different complaints. Be it the sedentary lifestyle, wrong sitting postures, long time exposure of muscles to a certain position, or carrying heavy weights that cause you pain in different parts of the body, the physiotherapists recommend different ways of getting you rid of these problems. The more exciting thing is that most of these solutions comprise of exercise, and giving muscular motions and not taking any oral medications. At most, you might be given a massage cream that would be applied to your affected body part. Resultantly, relaxation is spurred in that particular constituent of your build.

A physiotherapist is responsible for many things. They are supposed to recover the lost or weakening muscle functions and in case of kids, to develop them.  No matter, what factors have affected the functionality of your muscles, if there is slight chance of recovery, physiotherapists would help you through different techniques. 

Common Physiotherapy Treatment Methods and Techniques

Common Physiotherapy Treatment Methods and Techniques

Different types of problems require different solutions. If the origin of your pain is in your back then you would be treated through different medical approaches of neuromusculoskeletal problems. Similarly, a physiotherapist would first classify a condition as of being neurological, cardiovascular, or respiratory and then opt for the kind of remedy and exercise to be followed by the patient to guarantee quick recovery.

The different methods that are employed based on your condition could be


Massage is the muscle manipulation practiced on patients. Different types of massage techniques would help you in different ways. For instance; soft tissue mobilization will aid you in bringing back the swollen part of your body back to its original morphology. It is a type of therapeutic massage which will also relax your mind.

Self-management Strategies

As an overall strategy to preventing long-term impairment from persistent musculoskeletal problems, self-management matches the positive health notion (“the ability to adapt and self-manage in the face of social, physical, and emotional challenges”). Self-management was described by Barlow as “the capacity to manage the symptoms, therapy, physical and psychological implications, and lifestyle adjustments that come with living with a chronic disease.”  This is a way of passive treatment and is effective in controlling patients conditions. 


Cupping treatment is one of the oldest and also most efficient methods of removing toxins from bodily tissue and organs. It is also known as suction cupping, or hijama cupping. It is a technique in which the therapist places specific cups on the skin to generate suction. This causes the tissue beneath the cup to be pulled up and swollen, increasing blood flow to the afflicted area. The increased blood flow under the cups pulls pollutants and poisons away from adjacent tissues and organs and brings them to the surface for evacuation.


Joint mobilisation is a physical therapy procedure that is used to reduce pain and muscle contractions, release tension, and enhance joint flexibility. The physical therapist uses joint manipulation to stretch the tissue and restore joint play by applying a powerful push to the joint movement.

Functional Training

Functional training is a rehabilitation strategy. It is intended to enhance everyday life tasks (sometimes referred to as ADL). ADL can range from personal care tasks, such as showering or dressing. To housekeeping or home maintenance chores, such as cleaning, putting dishes away, or performing yardwork, to work-related activities. It focuses on rebuilding strength and normal function of the musculoskeletal system with the objective of making it simpler for patients to execute their daily tasks. Core training or strengthening may also be included as part of functional training. Since strong core muscles are essential for healthy posture and mobility.


Simple as it sounds, workout is also advised by physiotherapists to get your muscles used to certain activities so that the recurring aches and pains can be subsided. This is relatively a slow method, but for most sportspersons, or models and actresses, this is the best form of therapy.


Kinesio Taping involves the use of neon tape attached to the patient’s body. It brings stability to the joints. The flexibility of the tape hardly affects the patients’ range of motion. So the patient can continue to perform muscle flexions and stretch while the tape relieves their joint of the pains. It is a modern technique incorporated into physiotherapy and is earning praise. 

Who Should Take Physiotherapy?

People who are inflicted with injuries or have undergone surgeries should try to make appointments with the physiotherapists. Usually, the doctors themselves would recommend and prescribe several sessions with the physiotherapist. This method delays aging process and reconstructs your physical strength. It tries to maximize you muscle functioning.

So, if there is anyone suffering from chronic pain, and cramps from strenuous exercises or as a result of an accident, should definitely have a session or two with the physiotherapists.

The therapist would examine your condition, inform you about it, and prescribe the necessary treatment. All the methods used under the therapy would not only relief you of your pain. They would also create a feeling of ambiance and calmness in your life. Furthermore, the aim of physiotherapy is not just rehabilitation. But also the prevention of further loss of function in your limbs. 


We all understand how a minute discomfort could halt our daily life activities. They make us miss out on so many things. But when we are suffering from a condition that has easy treatments. We should not hold ourselves back from improving our general health. Going to a therapist for no complication but to just get a recommended massage or an assessment of how your body is doing is a great way to establish a healthy lifestyle.


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