NextGen EMR System

EHR and EMR software have a recognition for being hard to work with, however, a few are better than others. In a NextGen EMR assessment, a totally popular Electronic Health Record software program machine. Here’s a characteristic-by-characteristic breakdown of NextGen.


The EMR/EHR structure provides comprehensive and robust EMR abilities together with charting, vitals and measurements, prescription templates, ePrescribing, and more. Every device could have pros and cons, many of which depend upon precise practice necessities. Here’s a quick assessment of the blessings and downsides of NextGen.

NextGen gives scalable EHR answers — Office and Enterprise — which might be perfect for several practices and hospitals. It lets users customize the machine to both specialty and industry desires. NextGen’s rich reporting features make it an appealing and competitive choice for a few practices.

Some drawbacks to NextGen are standard to many EMRs. Some users document a complex and bulky UX interface, in addition to sluggish improvements that may convey the gadget grinding to a halt. Vendor support is likewise lacking in many reviews of this product.


One gain of utilizing an EMR over paper records is the ease of recording. EMRs offer a trouble listing of symptoms that physicians can scroll through to choose an analysis for their patients. The goal of that is to streamline the recording and billing process thru the standardization of signs and symptoms and ICD-10 codes for those symptoms. EMRs, EHRs, and medical practice control software must all provide a few shapes of this capability, however, the ease of use and comprehensiveness of this selection will vary.

NextGen Ambulatory EMR offers its consumer’s capability for recording diagnoses and encounters with patients. Users can discover the diagnoses of the issues listed with the aid of leveraging PFT and standardized codes including SNOMED CT and ICD-10.

Encounter screen has a quick view for physicians, numbers of allergic reactions, troubles, medicines, and diagnoses. Hovering over the problems tab of the encounter display screen gives a persistent issue listing, and the diagnoses tab gives physicians a whole list of all diagnoses made on preceding encounters. The hover choice allows customers to efficaciously navigate through patient records without regularly converting templates or clicking away from notes from encounters.


NextGen Ambulatory’s domestic display permits users to work quicker and smoother. Without navigating to every other display, they can see past HPIs, tests, checks, and plans, in addition, to evaluating medications, allergies, and beyond clinical history. In the patient encounter display screen, medications are listed together with the number of entries on that list, and physicians can access that data using hovering over it. By clicking, customers are taken to the drugs module, where they could make new entries or edit existing ones.

Patient Information

NextGen Ambulatory EMR’s home screen lets users see beyond HPIs, checks, exams, and plans, as well as evaluation medications, hypersensitive reactions, and beyond medical records. NextGen Ambulatory additionally permits customers to turn via charts with auto-develop grids. Physicians can make use of the patient data bar to access required facts. Like age, date of the beginning, insurance provider, deal with, and many others. Without interrupting their workflow. This solution lets customers hover over fields to view other information without clicking away from their screen, usual trouble for physicians. Within the patient come upon display, customers can also view patients’ number one pharmacy, rendering company, and number one care provider.

SOAP Notes

This is a medical assessment technique that tries to standardize the encounter between patient and medical doctor. SOAP Notes aim to enhance communication between all channels of patient care and organize that communique so it can be easily revisited later.


Subjective: Subjective observations such as signs and symptoms as stated via a patient

Objective: Objective records inclusive of measurable signs and symptoms — e.g. Fever, swelling, and many others

Assessment: Diagnosis or possible diagnoses of a patient’s circumstance

Plan: Lays out the provider’s plan for care along with checks, prescriptions, follow-up directions, and many others.

NextGen Ambulatory lets customers store a whole SOAP note without losing the format, and they can reuse it for common findings the use of “Quick Note.” Users also can preserve their preferences for tactics and checks using “Quick Saves.” If customers navigate away from or finalize their SOAP notice, it’ll continue to be within the identical format whilst returning to it, dashing up the learning curve and streamlining template use.

Custom Reports

Reporting from the purview of strictly commercial enterprise intelligence equipment is converting. As each profile of software will become increasingly superior, they have started to undertake elements of different forms of software. One of the first elements to be added is regular commercial enterprise intelligence/business analytics capabilities. EHRs/EMRs are not unique in that way, and the capability to create custom reviews can supply healthcare carriers’ new freedoms and insights. In the destiny of EMR, this functionality will likely preserve to gain significance.

NextGen Software Ambulatory’s InSight Reporting allows customers to set practice benchmarks, reveal progress, and benefits access insightful and actionable comparative analytics on peers and payers in actual time. This permits practices to discover pain points of their everyday operations. Lengthy foyer waits, excessive prices of character physician blunders, monetary overpaying, and many others. — and better cope with them.

Outstanding Lab Reports

NextGen Ambulatory enables immediate access to charts and lab results in any area. This on-the-spot access without a paper chase allows non-stop monitoring of a patient’s record. This means that physicians and office groups of workers can act without delay upon new facts with potential lifestyle-saving outcomes. Patients additionally benefit from this actual-time access — they could see their results as soon as they’re in through a patient portal. They do not need to wait days for their results to be processed and handed along.


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