Liver Care: 5 Foods that You Should Avoid at All Costs

The liver is one of the most important organs of our body because it keeps all the toxins at bay. According to the best hepatologist in Karachi, you need to make healthy lifestyle choices, especially about your diet because if things go wrong they will cost you your liver. 

Thus make sure to refrain from eating some of the foods that are given below. It is not that you should avoid these foods altogether, but if you want to enjoy living a long and healthy life then you need to limit the consumption of them.

We have compiled a list of the foods that you didn’t know were bad but to your surprise they are. 


Consuming too much sugar does not only affect your oral health but is also lethal for your liver. The liver actively transforms fructose into fat and fructose is one kind of sugar. 

But these days things that we have been consuming contain too many refined sugars and also contain a high range of high-fructose corn syrup. As we know that liver converts this sugar into fats that is what happens in this case. 

Too much fructose means too many fatty acids which cause your liver to work at a slow pace. 

According to the extent of some researches, too much sugar consumption can coincide with the after-effects of too much alcohol consumption

Thus make sure to limit the intake of too much sugar because it is bad for you.

Fizzy Drinks 

Who does not like to pop up a soda can every once in a while? But you should stop because well it is not doing anything good for your liver.

The daily and overconsumption of these carbonated drinks are seriously and gravely damaging the functions of your liver. Their consumption can also give rise to serious health complications. 

Another demerit of consuming these drinks is that they make you overweight by storing all the fats inside your body. 

Furthermore, carbonated drinks that are aerated and fizzy provide a lethal combo of both refined sugars as well as processed carbs which are enough material for fatal liver problems. 


Well, who is not aligned with the fact that alcohols are bad for your liver? Yet we will say this again so that you are reminded of all the lethal effects that alcohol has on your body. 

This is mainly because of the fact that when your liver is breaking down the components of alcohol it converts the key ingredients into substances that are bad for your body. Because they cause inflammation and, necrosis, and eventually fibrosis. 

Binge drinking and heavy drinking also have some other health consequences because it causes hindrance in the usual and necessary nutrient intake.

Long-term exposure to alcohol and its excessive drinking also lead to liver cirrhosis. This will give rise to a series of serious health complications such as jaundice, vomiting blood as well as fluid accumulation, and ultimately liver failure. 


Well, no one saw this coming right!

Nonetheless, it is true. If you are a big fan of eating kinds of pasta, pizzas, and of course cookies, then make sure to keep a check on your consumption. Because well it seems like your liver does not like such tasty treats. 

We have explained this problem in detail but let us grow this again. Eating too much of such content can lead to some serious repercussions such as getting extra pounds and of course increase in fats. 

Those who eat a lot of such kinds of junk foods are highly likely to develop serious liver diseases. On the contrary, people should be eating some healthy things such as salads to keep their carbohydrates level in check. 


Well, too much consumption of salt is not only associated with high blood pressure but is also a major cause of liver malfunctioning. Thus avoid those food items that are rich in salts. Some of the best possible examples of these salty food items with boxes foods such as can soups, savory snacks, chips, biscuits as well as ramen. 

The high sodium content of these foods is what makes them harmful for your liver that is why to refrain from too much consumption of such salty food items. 


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