How to Choose a sound machine for Babies?

You’ve heard of white noise and you’re interested in exploring it. How do you choose the right white noise device which is the best fit for your requirements? The good news is that choosing the right sound machine doesn’t need to be a challenge. There are some factors to think about when searching for the sound. That will make you go to the hay more quickly than you could start counting sheep.

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What Is White Noise?

In simple terms to put it simply, the “color” of noise is simply the “color” of noise is the frequency. And the amplitude that its sounds emit. White noise is comprised of all frequencies humans can detect with the same volume. The typical shuffling noise (“shhh”) is the sound of a fan’s hum. Or the sound of static crackling on TV is just a few examples of white noise heard in everyday life.

What to Look For

What factors should you be looking for when selecting the most suitable white noise? Here are some important aspects to consider regardless of which source you’re receiving your white noise.


Stop spinning and tossing in odd hotel rooms. Or a quiet baby on a long-distance journey. With a portable white noise maker. If you’re looking to relax with peaceful sounds. While on the move ensure that the device you choose to use is battery-powered or USB-rechargeable like our top-selling and most popular Hushh or Rohm.

Volume Control

The amount you set the volume of your sound device to will typically be based on the kind of noise you’re trying to block out. It is also important to ensure that your sound system isn’t too high in volume. Because it can damage your (or children’s) ears. As an example, the Dohm products have the ability to play between 50 and 70 decibels. This is a way to block out most of the soft but irritating noises that disturb our sleep. And also some more loud and more annoying tones. To make the process even simpler the majority of our sound equipment comes with a volume adjustment feature.


There are many different people who enjoy different volumes, tones, and varieties in white noise. Dohm Classic and Natural are two of our most popular models. Dohm Classic along with the Dohm Natural permits you to adjust the collar to discover the ideal tone for your needs. Dohm Natural and our Multi-Sound machines feature multiple recorded sounds to help make the perfect soundtrack for your sleep.

Clean Loop

When you’re looking at white noise from an electronic source be sure that the recording of white noise runs seamlessly. Make sure you aren’t able to hear when the recording ends and starts again. This change in sound can disturb your ZZZs which could defeat the objective. Our white noise machines provide no looping sound, which means you don’t need to worry about disturbing loops.

Sleep Timer

If you’d like the option to program your white noise to be turned off when a certain time period is up. You need to choose a product with the option of a timer. A majority of our models come with sleep times that are integrated into the device.

Night Light

A sound machine with an evening light is the perfect solution to clear the clutter in your bed. And manage nighttime feedings and changing without disturbing your child or partner. Yogasleep provides a variety of night sound machines that are light. Which makes it simple to create a relaxing atmosphere to relax.

Sound Options

If you’re not certain what sounds you prefer in white noise you might want to consider a machine. That has a variety of sounds. We have Duet White Noise Machine is a good example. It features 30 sounds that aren’t looping and you’re bound to discover one that soothes you to sleep.


If you want all your devices to be “smart,” make sure that your sound device is connected to apps. The Dohm Connect can be controlled via an app that runs on your phone that lets you alter the volume. And even set your sleeping schedule from any location. It’s the most relaxing alarm clock that you’ve ever heard of.


If fashion is significant to you think about an audio system that can fit in with your personal style. The Dohm Classic features simple designs that blend effortlessly into your surroundings. It is also available in a variety of colors to fit any style. 

The Dohm Natural is a simple Michael Graves design. And is available in charcoal or white, with accents of pink, blue-green, gray, or blue. Finally, don’t forget to find discount codes to save money when buying sound machines for babies.


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