How Does Gratitude Affect A Person’s Relationships? 

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Today when productivity is valued over almost everything else, we are at a greater risk of forgetting that the essential thing in life is not success but the relationships we invest in during our lifetime.  

Our friendships, partners, and family are the people we must prioritize to create long-lasting memories that we will cherish forever. These are the people we need to help us smile in the morning, laugh during an afternoon slump and cuddle with during the night. Acknowledging this truth is how you can lead a fulfilling life, and gratitude is how you can remind yourself of this vital fact every day. 

The many ways you can practice gratitude 

The practice of gratitude looks different for people, but in essence, this practice helps us to remember what is essential in our life. You can practice gratitude daily in many ways. Some people choose prayer to record all the people they should be grateful for, while others use practices such as meditation and journaling to remind themselves of the people who love them unconditionally.  

But you can also practice gratitude in other ways. You can designate a notebook and write one thing you are grateful for every day. This is a great habit if you tend to approach things negatively. Writing down the one thing you are thankful for can remind you that no matter how challenging life is, there is always something to be grateful for. 

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A former monk and podcast host Jay Shetty suggests another way to use gratitude. He says that rather than writing down what you are grateful for in a journal that no one will read, you should send a message to a loved one to tell them why you are thankful for them. Not only does this habit enhance your sense of happiness and fulfillment in life, but it also enables the receiver to feel loved and appreciated, which is essential, especially when a person is going through mental health challenges. 

If you are going through a difficult time, consider investing in daily gratitude cards. These cards are meant to act as a reminder of the little things you should be grateful for even when you are going through trying times. 

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Why gratitude is critical for relationships 

Being grateful is critical for your mental well-being. When you acknowledge the simple things in life and are thankful for them, you will be better able to sail through mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Besides your mental well-being, gratitude is also vital to keep relationships strong. The research backs up this statement. Researchers note how gratitude helps people initiate new relationships and maintain and strengthen them. 

According to experts, being grateful for your partner can lead to more satisfying years of love. People in a relationship who were thankful for their partners were better able to express their dissatisfaction and worries because they felt safer in the relationship. When you are in a long-term relationship, it is essential to remind your partner that they are loved and appreciated. This is something that you want to hear from your partner as well. It is refreshing to be with the same person for 10, 20, 30, or more years and still express gratitude for the little things they do. 

Friendships can also greatly benefit from gratitude, as do relationships with family members. It is often easier to show our appreciation towards our friends than those related to us by blood. We might adore our parents but find it hard to say that we love them or remember to thank them for the things they have done for us throughout our lives. Nobody’s perfect, not even our parents, but it is essential to be grateful for the little things they have done. If for nothing else but so we can lead a serene life.  

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Friendships that stand the test of time need a dose of gratitude, as do relationships with co-workers. Your colleagues are the people you will spend most of your time with. They might not be your first choice for friendship if you had the option. However, for the sake of your work, your mental health, and your purpose, it is essential to be grateful for your co-workers; otherwise, you are more likely to suffer mentally. 

The incredible thing about gratitude is its ability to make you feel better and those around you, and it doesn’t cost a thing. Gratefulness is a pivotal trait to keep mental health problems such as anxiety and depression at bay, and it is your secret weapon to hold on to your dearest. Even in our darkest times, when mental health issues bog us down, when we see a dead-end in a relationship, gratitude can trigger a flicker of light and show us that there is always something to be grateful for. 


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