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In today’s day and age, businesses try to stand out from each other. This is truly the age of innovation and, as such, companies are trying their hardest to prove to the customers that their businesses are unique. Companies these days are trying to diversify their services, trying to encompass several aspects into one umbrella category so they can tend to various markets and their niches, respectively. However, this is not necessarily a good thing.

Seldom do these companies actually manage to crack the code. By offering multiple services, companies lose their advantage in one field. Often becoming the jack of all trades and the master of none, and while this business model looks good on paper, the problem with it is that it only looks good on paper. How is a company supposed to be successful and profitable, and also have a satisfied client base when everything they put their hands into is backed by subpar work? The bottom line is that it doesn’t. A company can have investors backing it and feeding money into it to run the wheels, but a company that runs without the support of it’s customers is a company that will not go far. 

Seeing the recent rise in real estate and construction, several companies have sprung up. Each of these companies has similar business models, but one of the most unique ones to stand out is a company from Bangalore, India. They go by the name of HouseJoy. HouseJoy started in 2015, and as per its business model, dips its hand into several aspects. From home construction to furnishing and repairs, HouseJoy promises to do it all. However, that promise is rarely fulfilled. 

HouseJoy seems to offer construction services, but most of their projects aren’t complete. If you look at their reviews, they seem to run a scam instead under the pretence of offering a fully affordable construction service. Construction companies usually do have hiccups and projects tend to run a little longer than their expected time, as well budgets may cross the threshold. However, HouseJoy has several projects running over the two-year mark. Most of these projects have barely even begun and if they have, the quality and craftsmanship are less than subpar. 

A simple google search will reveal not one, not two, but a horde of unsatisfied customers. Construction, like other things in life, is a skill set and should be left to professionals. HouseJoy seems to know the ins and outs of construction yet have failed to finish a single project in the last 8 months. Some of the projects that they did start are clearly lacking any sort of professionalism. Take a look at these pictures posted by an angry customer on Quora. 

The customer says that there is a steel rod poking out of the wall (as seen in the first picture). That is obviously out of place and should not be there, to begin with as it poses to be a serious health hazard too! Furthermore, the customer also claims that the slabs in the second picture were placed unevenly and it started to show damage already. They had to fix and repair that part on their own which added to the cost. The customer also says the contractors and builders failed to build one entire step. If that doesn’t add to the list of problems, the company constantly promotes fake advertisements. It’s all one big scam after another and HouseJoy surely knows how to make money from their customers. Construction and building are completely different issues.

*Rods poking out of the stairs, and stairs are misaligned. 

*uneven slabs and poorly ponded without proper curing.

The last couple of years has wreaked havoc on the day-to-day lives of companies and people because of the global pandemic. Many companies have adapted to the several restrictions imposed by their governments however, HouseJoy managed to adapt in the best possible way. Not only have they used the lockdown and government restrictions to delay projects, which have been delayed for 144 days, but they simultaneously roll out advertisements claiming to complete the projects undertaken and work during the lockdown. 

Apart from 150 parallel projects, which are still a long way from getting completed, HouseJoy lures its customers by offering one of the cheapest prices on the market. While being economical is definitely a good thing, using that as a tactic to leech off of customers and not doing any work is anything but ethical. Several customers who use HouseJoy all have the same grievances. Furthermore, their team somehow manages to constantly evade and postpone any action to be taken. Customers have invested several lakhs of their hard-earned money only for HouseJoy to swoop in, take the money and leave without a trace. 

Most of their positive reviews look incredibly fake as well. Lack of description or details, none of the positive reviews care to explain as to why the service was good, on the other hand, all the other reviews go over in glaring detail, their experience with HouseJoy. The positive reviews are also by their own employees, which just adds to their lack of credibility. If a company has to rely on its employees as opposed to its customers for positive reviews, why even have a customer base at that point?

What HouseJoy fails to understand is that constructing a house is no joke. Constantly hiring inexperienced staff and contractors, who are underpaid, are forced to use materials that aren’t of the highest quality. Furthermore, because they are inexperienced, the quality of the work is also incredibly shoddy. Most people work and slog their entire lives just to be able to afford a dream home, and even after that, they have to pay through their nose to be able to afford it. HouseJoy paints the picture of cheap affordable homes and construction but destroy their customer’s hopes by refusing to complete their projects, refusing to give any sort of refunds, and constantly stringing them along for the ride in hopes of a home. A company like this has no right to work while it destroys the lives of people who help it grow. 

Their low prices are only a clever marketing gimmick and nothing more. You would end up paying a lot more than in and would never actually receive the discounts that they promise. If you were lucky enough to receive the discounts, your home or your project would never be completed. Avoid this company at all costs and don’t fall prey to their gimmicks. Steer clear of HouseJoy and at least at the end of the day, you will have your own joy. 


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