Helping children with portion control

Even though children should not be saddled with the burden of counting calories, having normal BMI etc. however, it is still necessary for them to not be overweight.

It increases their risk of obesity, that brings with itself plethora of problems including diabetes, joint aches, early puberty, mental health issues and sleep problems.

Furthermore, children who are obese or overweight are also more likely to be ostracized, because of their body size. From callous remarks to lack of friends, the issues run great.

If you feel as if your child is at the risk of or is obese, then you should consult the Best Child specialist in Lahore regarding their health as well.

Curbing the risk

One effective way to curb the risk for obesity is by exercising portion control. We often eat more than what is necessary, and that then leads to surplus calories, stored in the form of fat. If we are not physically active, then the number of calories stored is greater.

Overtime this then turns into excess fat, and lo and behold, you are overweight or obese. Some people might also have genuine health problems leading to their condition, and they should then consult their doctor.

Hence, one way to control the surplus is by controlling the caloric intake, which is where portion size comes in. It entails dividing the plate into four equal sections. One is dedicated to protein, one for starch, and two sections for fruits and vegetables.

Exercising portion control

Even though it’s easier to exercise than do the diets that are not good for the children, portion control requires some discipline. It may be easy for some, and hard for the rest. Here are some tips if you fall into the latter camp:

Serve food properly

It can be tempting to let children eat right out of the dish, or make their own, but you need to make an effort here. You should make your child’s serving plate with the recommended portion size instead.

Likewise, when they are eating leftover, do not let them put the spoon direct to the container, but dish it out on the serving plate so that they do not overeat.

Keep the food at the counter

When the food is right there in front of you, it is easier to reach for seconds, even if you are full. To dispel second helpings, when you have made a wholesome plate already, is by keeping the food not at the dining table but at the counter.

When you do not see the food right there, you will not think much about second helpings. You can however, keep the salad at the table, as with vegetables, a lot of it is fiber anyways, that is not going to get digested so their caloric load is less.

Mindful eating

There is no need to inhale food and encourage your kids from doing so. When you eat mindfully, realizing how the food is being digested, focusing on the textures and flavors on your plate. You are then less likely to overeat.

Your body then has ample time to signal satiety. Moreover, when you eat slowly, you make eating slightly more tedious; the chewing action especially contributes to it. Thereby encouraging one healthy serving only.  

Use smaller plates

If you have a big plate, you will need heaping servings to fill it. Otherwise, it will look empty, and you’d think as if you have not eaten enough, for which you might then reach for second servings.

An effective way to curb this is by using smaller plates. It will also give an impression of hearty meal, without overeating.

Healthy matters

If your child is overweight, do not decrease their portion size by a lot, or make them skip meals. That can cause nutrient deficiency, leading to health issues that require help of the Best Child specialist in Karachi.

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