Get Rid Of Health Issues By Following Medical Astrology Today

Rajiv was a Hindu boy who faced constant medical problems daily. One day a friend asked him to follow medical astrology on the internet. Tell him that his health problems are related to Kundali. A famous online astronomer should study him.

When Rajiv Kundali was examined Kundali by a well-known astronomer! he found that he had some horoscope health problems. The astronomer gave him many treatments. After his follow-up examination, Rajiv’s health began to improve.

Diseases and the human body are closely related. It can also be said that diseases are an important part of our lives. Therefore according to medical astrology reading, each illness is specifically related to the symptoms of the person and the planets. If the individual zodiac and planets are weak? they can get the disease. Although you don’t have to have all illnesses, you will suffer from some illnesses regularly.

All parts of his body are specifically associated with the zodiac sign. Some of the zodiac signs are threatened with long-term, chronic, and boring illnesses. Each brand has a specific quality and specifications. They plays a crucial role in the structure of our body.

What are the different Zodiac signs and their importance in medical astrology?

Zodiac signs are important in health horoscope reading. The importance of each zodiac sign is given below: –

  • Aries – head, brain, and face
  • Taurus- throat, throat, and lips
  • Gemini – lungs, hands, and arms
  • Cancer – abdomen, breasts, ribs,
  • Leo – heart, bag, spine, forearm.
  • Virgo – intestines, back, fingers, spleen
  • Libra – kidneys, skin, and back
  • Scorpio – bladder, anus, nose, appendix
  • Sagittarius – hips, thighs, nerves, and arteries
  • Capricorn- knees, joints, teeth, and skin
  • Aquarius – legs, ankles, and circulation
  • Pisces – feet, toes, lymphatic system

Astrological houses in medical astrology and the diseases that are linked with it:-

Health astrology is often treated with a person’s astrology in mind. In other words, a man’s tower so there are 12 houses in astrology, and each house has different diseases.

  • The first house: – The first house contains other parts of his body such as the head, mind, skin, and hair.
  • The second house consists of the face, right eye, teeth, tongue, nose, voice, nails, and brain. When the second home is weakened, illnesses such as high fever, heart disease, stomach and skin diseases, broken bones, leprosy, internal fever, and brain problems develop.
  • Third House: – This house prioritises the bones of the neck, larynx, throat, hands, breathing, and body growth. But when this house is weakened, you can get diseases like poisoning, cuts, wounds, eye infections, itching, high blood pressure, lack of energy, etc.
  • Fourth House: This house comprises the body’s core, such as the chest, heart, lungs, and blood pressure. The weakening of this home can be fatal and even fatal.

Some other houses that possess impact in medical astrology:-

  • Fifth House: – Above the abdomen, the heart, gall bladder, vitality, viscera, intelligence, mind, sperm, and uterus are called the fifth house of astrology. This house is also called the absence of disease. During this time, the person’s health becomes very good, and he begins to recover from diseases.
  • Sixth House: – We have the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, uterus, and anus from the sixth floor. The weakness of this house increases your chances of getting sick.
  • Seventh House: Under the Seventh House of Astrology are the uterus, ovaries, ovaries, sperm, and prostate.
  • Eighth house: – This house has external genitals, amputations, long-term illnesses, and accidents. The weakness of this house causes emotional suffering and misery.

Important houses in the horoscope that has a major impact on medical astrology:-

  • Ninth House: This house symbolises the lower torso like knees, thighs, joints, and bones. The ninth house affects dental and skin diseases, blindness, mental disorders, wounds, paralysis, hysteria, tumours, and baldness.
  • Tenth House: – This house has many similarities to the ninth house, but it carries diseases like stomach pain, blindness, ulcers, joint pain, broken bones, etc.
  • Eleventh House: – This house refers to calves, left ear, left arm, buttocks, etc. Chronic diseases are associtaed with this house.
  • Twelfth House: – This house controls the left eye, insomnia, mental equilibrium, helplessness, ageing, death, physical joy, and sadness. This house is commonly associated with disease treatment.

Know more about the effect and uses of medical astrology today:-

Medical astrology helps predict illness using natal charts. By following medical astrology, an appropriate solution can be found to the problems and ailments. A specific planet rules each part of the human body. Their strengths and weaknesses depend on the stars’ desired and disastrous planetary influence on different parts of their bodies.

People who practice this science are known as medical astronomers. They have extensive knowledge of human anatomy and morphology and knowledge of 12 house maps. Medical astrology tells us about horoscope houses. If one house is weak, the person may suffer from any health issues full stop. If a person follows the advice and precautions of a medical astronomer, they will never have a problem. if they do, their effects will be diminished.

There are very few chronic diseases that are historically untreatable but can be managed with medical, astrological treatments. So follow a free horoscope online for getting a solution to it. This science helps pinpoint the root of the problem by reading natal charts.

What are the different types of medical astrology?

Medical, astrological treatments can take various forms, such as gemstones, rudraksha, colour therapy, Yagyas, ayurvedic medicine, Vastu, etc. In the Middle Ages, astrology and medicine were very close. Medieval medical astronomers determined that any human disease is caused by the weakness of one of 12 or more houses in its sign.

Astronomers believe that by interpreting the effects of stars and other celestial bodies on a person’s life. They can easily determine the cause of his illness.

Medical astrology shows us the effect of 12 signs on the human body. From this, it was concluded that the location of the planets and astrology influenced a person’s life and caused the problems he faced.

So, in the end, what is the importance of medical astrology?

Medical astrology has more meaning in people’s lives. The person is educated about the problems and the cause of their illness. If you have health problems daily and cannot find a cure, it is worth seeking medical astronomer advice. Planets, stars, and constellations affect parts of your body that affect your health.

If this position in your horoscope is perfect, or in other words, 12 houses are in good condition with the correct planets in them. You will never have a health problem, but if there are problems in your horoscope, you will have many health problems. Nobody should take a risk and always seek a medical astronomer who can offer solutions and precautions for your problems.

Health troubles are quite critical, and one should not take them lightly. If you face any health issues and it’s not cured by taking medicines and visiting doctors, it might be caused by some doshas in your kundali. Visit the best medical astrologer who will provide you with the information regarding your horoscope. He will tell you about the problems you have in your kundali and provide a solution for them. If you follow those solutions obediently, then your health conditions may improve.


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