Features of titan 440 paint sprayer

The titan 440 paint sprayer is a small to the medium-sized unit, but it still packs many of the same high-end. Features found in larger airless sprayers. The titan 440 airless spray gun has an internal piston pump. That does not mix air with the titan 440 paint as it sprays. This titan 440 airless spray gun has an adjustable titan 440 painting tip and a titan 440 internal mix. High flow titan 440 pump for spraying all standard titan 440 paint and primers swiftly and evenly.

Titan’s “Variable Volume Control” (VVC) allows you to adjust the titan 440 paint flow rate. Which provides more titan 440 coverage with less titan 440 product use. The Titan 440 is a great choice for titan 440 beginners and professionals alike. Who want a titan 440 that is user-friendly yet competitively priced.

The titan 440 spraying gun has a high-strength titan metallic composite with steel internals. And alloy aluminum housing, titan 440P is the titan 440 industry-standard titan 440 paint sprayer.

Electronic Pressure Control

With an electronic pressure control, the flushing of Impact 440 is quick and easy. This makes clean up very convenient.

Manifold Filter

The second amazing feature is that it also comes with a full-sized manifold filter. Which can handle a lot more paint than normal and prevents abrasiveness.

It also comes with a permalink cylinder that does not wear out and an extra deep holster. That keeps the strainer inside liquid which keeps the pump moist. ing feature is that it also comes with a full-sized manifold filter which can handle a lot more paint than normal and prevents abrasiveness.

Sleek design

The Titan 440 has a sleek design and is easy to handle. It has a 4-quart cup size and operates at 1/3 HP. The Titan 440 has a warranty of 5 years and a 1-year warranty on the sprayer hose.


The titan 440 paint sprayers are a light unit with a total weight of only 9 pounds with a pump that weighs just 4 pounds with 2 years warranty on the titan 440 paint sprayers.

The unit comes with a titan manual full of information with illustrations. The titan 440 works well at high elevations. It has power, durability, and consistency.

The titan 440 paint sprayers were designed with maximum performance in mind. It can spray latex or oil-based paints smoothly at any angle without the fear of dripping, clogging or mess which is typical tendency of other paint sprayers.

Less Maintenance

This titan 440 takes less maintenance time because it requires less cleaning than other paint sprayers in titan’s range and does not require the replacement of parts with every use.

Vacuum Filter

The vacuum filter which makes it very convenient to clean because it can be easily disassembled. The titan 440 is capable of spraying any kind of material quickly and efficiently. Whether at high or low pressure without clogging.

The titan 440 paint sprayers also come with a titan hose that is very long and has a titan spray gun. Which includes adjustable fan patterns, an easy to clean titan filter at the back of the titan 440 paint sprayer, titan flushing kit which makes it easy to flush out dried material in seconds and works well for high-pressure cleaning.


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