Essentials for Any Professional Research Laboratory

Any medical science laboratory requires essential tools and operational features that allow it to conduct research and develop new treatments and drugs successfully. The healthcare world will continue to demand more rapid and effective development of drugs and treatments to fight disease and other conditions. Medical labs worldwide should adopt the following research essentials to stay ahead of the curve for research and development.


One of the essentials for any medical science laboratory is thorough safety precautions. Laboratories need to protect their researchers from any hazardous materials or toxic chemicals that may be used in development and research. This includes installing chemical showers, eyewash stations, fire exits, and other safety regulations to ensure employees are not harmed. If a medical laboratory is working with toxic chemicals, fume hoods are essential for keeping the air breathable. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is crucial for all legitimate medical laboratories worldwide. Goggles, gloves, and lab coats are essential PPE, but some more complex labs may require full-body hazmat suits, respirators, or other safety equipment during some research and development phases. Further, labs must also maintain strict environmental and sterile conditions to protect the effectiveness of the drugs being developed and the integrity of the research.

Organization and Data Management

Data management and reliable organization are essential to successful research and development. Managing every step from research to production and distribution is critical for maintaining an effective and efficient operational flow. Groups like Avantor offer full-scale operational management to help medical laboratories stay efficient and productive. “Customizable, flexible solutions optimize and manage end-to-end laboratory operations to serve over 500 customers in biopharma, pharmaceutical, educational, industrial, and high-tech industries.” Lab and production services can help streamline research workflows while ensuring safety and regulatory compliance. Management systems are more and more essential for the digitalization of medical laboratories and have been shown to improve efficiencies, saving time and money. With secure and reliable data management, researchers can utilize tools like artificial intelligence to quickly identify trends and anomalies in data and use these findings to make discoveries. Well-managed labs can be highly productive and create new cutting-edge medical products and treatments.


Water is an essential tool in any research or medical science laboratory. Scientists need water to dilute, clean, freeze, etc., within the lab setting. Many laboratories need water purification devices, refrigerators, freezers, taps, waterbaths, etc. Purified water is always an ingredient in the development of drugs as it acts as a buffer in chemical solutions and is used to distill more potent substances. Steam generation is a method for cleaning rooms and sterilizing workspaces in labs, requiring water. Water is needed at essentially every level of development across all fields of scientific research.

Integrated Computer Programs

As mentioned, well-managed data sets can utilize artificial intelligence to help scientists quickly discover trends and anomalies within their work. Scientists conducting research that uses large amounts of data can benefit from computer software that will help them sort, manage, analyze, and interpret the results of their study. These programs help interpret data and are essential for maintaining proper environmental regulations and recording every instance of data available to researchers. Some programs must run 24/7 to support the research. Today, many of these computer programs can be connected to other laboratory equipment such as microscopes to help capture digital images and other data in the lab.  These integrated systems allow researchers to quickly analyze microscopic details and discover subtle trends that can have tremendous results for their fields.

Modern medical laboratories require these and other essentials to function correctly and remain productive. As more labs worldwide work to solve some of our most challenging health issues, it’s critical to practice lab safety and correctly utilize new technologies for improved development. 


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