A Complete Guide on Early Ejaculation Treatment and Causes

Generally, many couples do not spend their sexual life happily due to early ejaculation. However, it is a common sexual problem faced by many men. Due to premature ejaculation, men cannot perform well in sexual intercourse. After getting an early discharge, men face embarrassment in front of their partners. Due to this problem, men discharge semen before or after one minute of sexual intercourse. 

Moreover, men feel very uncomfortable talking about this problem openly. But this is a severe problem, and it needs treatment. However, different causes affect the human body, which leads to premature discharge. Due to this problem, people lose their confidence and get stressed and anxious. Most people think premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are equal. But these two problems are different and require different treatments. 

However, you will learn the reasons for the early discharge of sperm through this article. Except this, you can get knowledge about early ejaculation treatment in this article. Let’s check out these below. 

Various treatments procedure for premature ejaculation  

Many natural ways and premature ejaculation medicine in India can help men to overcome this problem. But men need to take the treatment at the right time. When you know the symptoms of premature ejaculation, you consult a doctor or therapist to cure the problem. However, you can also treat it in other natural ways. Here some popular and adopted therapies and premature ejaculation treatments are described below.

Behavioral therapy

Moreover, this therapy gives control to your body. With the help of this therapy, you can solve the early ejaculation problem. This technique includes the stop and starts command, which helps you and your partner to get reasonable control in ejaculation. However, this therapy also includes squeezing treatment, which allows controlling orgasm. In this therapy, you press the head of the penis repeatedly to get reasonable control. Except this, distracted thinking therapy also works well to get proper control and solve the problem of premature ejaculation.


Many medications are developed to control the problem of premature release. However, these early ejaculation medicines helped men stabilize the Hormone secretion. Therefore they get late discharge and enjoy their sexual life. Besides this, medical science also develops early ejaculation medicine with a spray that provides instant solutions to men. But it is necessary to take the advice of a urologist before taking any medication for premature ejaculation. 

do kegel exercises with premature ejaculation

Pelvic floor exercises

Some exercise also helps to prevent the premature discharge problem. The pelvic floor exercise is one of the perfect exercises to get relief from early ejaculation. In this exercise, you must concentrate and stop urinating in midstream. This will provide control of your pelvic muscles. However, by repeating this exercise regularly, you will control discharge. Therefore you can enjoy your sexual intercourse and decrease all the problems of your sexual life. 


However, by consulting a psychologist, you can overcome this problem. When you regularly talk with a psychologist, you can decrease the anxiety and stress in your life. Therefore you can control the discharge and provide good sexual intercourse to your partner. Most of the cases of premature ejaculation happen due to stress and depression. By kicking out all the stress from your life, you can quickly cure this problem. Besides this, when you briefly talk with your partner about your situation, you can cure early ejaculation. The discussion provides more relief in case of premature release. 

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Use of condom

However, to solve the problem of premature release, you can use condoms during sexual intercourse. The use of condoms helps control discharge and provides satisfying sexual life.

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Various causes of early ejaculation 

The causes and symptoms of premature discharge help people treat the problem correctly. Different causes of premature ejaculation need other treatments. Such as, if you suffer from premature discharge due to stress, you need therapy like counseling and talking to the partner. But if you face the problem of hormonal imbalance, you need to speak to a specialist and use proper treatment. Hence the causes of early ejaculation help you to take appropriate treatment in time. 

Before treating the early ejaculation, you must find the cause of this problem. Most people suffer from this problem due to excessive tension and stress. However, premature release causes create many issues in the sexual life of couples. Many physiological factors mainly cause early ejaculation. These are:- 

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sexually abused
  • Early sexual relationship
  • Low body image
  • Rush sexual interaction

Besides this, many biological factors also lead to early ejaculation, such as hormonal imbalance, inflammation, infection, an abnormal brain chemical, and inherited traits. All these problems destroy the sexual life of the couples. Due to erectile dysfunction, many men also get early discharge. However, in this problem, men do not keep and get erections properly, therefore getting many relationship problems. 

Bottom line

Finally, early ejaculation provides many disturbances in the relationship. However, the couple does not happily enjoy their sexual life for premature discharge. But you can solve each problem by treating early ejaculation. After knowing about various causes of early release, take adequate treatment to overcome it. The above information will help you solve the premature discharge and enjoy your sexual life. 


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