Clinicient Insight EMR Review

Developed through Clinicient, INSIGHT is an incorporated Cloud Based EMR Software that gives Practice Management (PM) and billing solutions purposely designed to empower outpatient rehabilitation practices. The EMR device caters to the desires of each small medical practice and big hospital.

INSIGHT EMR is evolved using gear that synchronizes information between administrative, clinical, and financial operations of rehabilitation practices. It is a unified gadget that gives solutions associated with operations such as appointment scheduling, coping with patient registration, recording medical statistics, documentation, coverage claims, and different similar everyday tasks common in all rehabilitation practices.

The internet-based software has been carefully designed through software program professionals and acts as both EMR and EHR. It additionally adapts to serve the precise demands of various other specialties inclusive of therapy for speech, physical therapy, and occupational therapy facilities.

Offering clarity and integrity to reporting and claims INSIGHT EMR prevents lack of sales from under billing and denials. Its medical solutions locations at users’ fingertips the whole thing is needed to record & defensibly engage patients, and bill completely and compliantly. Through its specialized product, Clinicient guarantees enhancements in medical statistics accuracy and practice workflow efficiency.

INSIGHT Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software offers a single platform to manage whole medical operations, from scheduling to final billing. Enabling therapists to create documents at the point of care, the software program permits them to give greater interest to their patients. INSIGHT EMR Software solution additionally gives medical practice competencies permitting them to construct personalized user profiles that may be without problems custom designed in line with personal alternatives.

INSIGHT EHR Software solution is usually recommended for medical practices having a therapist in their specialty department. This includes PT, OT, and SLP. The solution also offers functions along with purpose tracking, automated coding, and customizable charting templates along with letter templates for health practitioner communications, flow sheets, price seizing, and different iPad-friendly tools.

Benefits and Insights

Single Patient Record

Eliminate replicating work with a single patient file to make sure that it always suits documentation. 


Automate billing and collection duties like insurance eligibility and benefits verification, denial managing, claims corrections and remittance recommendation, and more. 

Optimized Charges

Automate workflows and permit for automated charge capture and aggregation, optimizes billable gadgets, affirm charges before declaring submission, and more. 

Better Cash Flow

Automate claims procession, denial control, and analytical tools to facilitate higher cash drift. 

Holistic View of Financial Health

Get an entire view of medical practice health with practice metrics, KPIs, and benchmarks. 

Dashboard Reporting

Identify overall performance troubles for brief and timely motion. 

Industry Expertise

Clinicient EMR and billing platform was built to facilitate outpatient remedy organizations and to provide them with efficient workflow tools, automated techniques, billing rules, and payer intelligence to facilitate payments faster and more efficiently with minimal guidelines. They have processed almost $1 billion in collections and thousands and thousands of coverage claims from lots of payers.

Core Features

Powerful EMR Software

Process entire bills with compliance for speedy collections with day-by-day billing, price posting, and follow-up. 

Process Automation

Automate procedures from patient intake to the very last payment, scrubbing errors and making sure speedy payments. Streamline claims processing, provide collaborative communication gear, and transparent reporting and evaluation. 

The partnership of Billing and Collections Professionals

Follow quality practices of sales cycle management. Get up-to-date payer rules based on collective intelligence. 

Expert Revenue Cycle Management

Get complete reporting and analysis for outpatient rehab practice. Integrate monthly KPI metrics, month-to-month financials, and a non-compulsory statistics-pushed coaching and account evaluation. 


These obstacles areas of the writing of this evaluation:

  • It is bug-prone and slow. 
  • No signature pad available. 
  • No wait listing characteristic for scheduling. 
  • Prone to mistakes and connectivity troubles. 


Average patron evaluations & person sentiment summary for Clinicient: 87% of users would advise this product to fellow users.

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of opinions taken from the resources above, the following pros & cons were curated using Market Analyst.


  • Functionality: The gadget is simple to customize, navigate, and generate records for enterprise metrics. It cuts price turnaround time, integrates with numerous mediator modules, improves workflows, and reduces mistakes, stated 84% of the reviewers who mentioned the product’s functionality.
  • Billing: Nearly 79% of customers who talked about billing said that the product’s EMR is included with the billing solution and documentation, making it efficient for billing functions.
  • Reporting: The device gives strong reporting tools that provide reviews on no-shows, A/R, and extra at the same time as monitoring business metrics successfully, as said using approximately 81% of customers who referred to reporting.


  • Learning Curve: The product requires a steep mastering curve to get familiar with its functions, and appearing easy responsibilities can be tedious to start with, stated 81% of users who cited the learning curve.
  • Training and Support: Nearly 78% of reviewers who talked about the guide stated that the schooling provided is insufficient to get used to the bells and whistles of the device, and help can be progressed.
  • Offline Mode: The product requires a strong net connection to apply and doesn’t provide an offline mode of access, mentioned about 75% of users who mentioned offline mode.


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