What do you look for when choosing baby Bottles to use for Gas and Colic Prevention

What to look for when choosing Baby Bottles to help with Gas and Colic Prevention. Gas can occur when air gets stuck in the stomachs of infants or within the digestive tracts of newborns. This usually happens because they are absorbing too much air in the milk they drink while feeding. Although gas can cause some irritation to your child, it is very common among infants because they lack digestive systems.

The best part is that by selecting the correct bottle, you’ll be able to help in relieving symptoms of many of the common problems associated with feeding, including gas. However, due to the wide range of brands available that each promises an individual and distinctive product It can be difficult to narrow down your choices and choose the best one for your child as well as yourself. This you will find the full guide for choosing the best baby bottles for gas that your baby will enjoy.

What should I be looking for in a perfect bottle for my baby?

This is a brief overview of the different types of baby bottles as well as how they differ.

  • Standard bottles were constructed traditionally and can be used by the majority babies.
  • Bottles with an angle neck are bent towards the neck to keep air from getting into the nipple. This results in more efficient feeding in addition to less gassy infants. The shape of the bottle can make them less easy to keep clean however.
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Different kinds of baby bottles, including Nipples

Nipples are usually included in baby bottles however, they are sold separately and come in various styles and designs. This is especially beneficial for babies with special needs for food. Try a variety of sizes and designs of nipples before choosing the one most fitting for your baby.

  • The classic Nipples are bell-shaped, made of latex and commonly found in baby bottles.
  • Nipples that have flat tops: Formally shaped like breasts, they are larger in the bulb’s base. They also have a higher top.
  • Anti-vacuum nipples help stop gassiness and colic by limiting the amount air that babies breathe in.
  • Multi-flow nipples are able to accommodate different levels of flow (Stage 1. and Stage 2. for instance) within the Nipple. You can modify the area of the nipple in order to control the flow.
  • Individually wrapped nipples can be used for cleaning, but they should be removed after a single use.

Slow Flow Nipple

With the aid of slow-flow sippy cups, The slower rate of milk flowing suggests that the baby may be sucking slower and more often, however not stopping longer than. If the milk is flowing too fast through the nipple area, it could cause the baby to drink more air. This can cause stomach discomfort.

Vent or Valve

Find an opening or comes with a built-in ventilation system, or a system that allows air to escape out of the bottle. This could lower the volume of air a baby swallows while eating, which decreases the pressure of air in the stomach. This can result in gas that is uncomfortable as well as discomfort.

If there’s no dishwasher in your kitchen, or you’re required to wash it fast (who doesn’t? ) Select a dishwasher that has built-in valves rather as opposed to one that can be removed to ensure you don’t require an additional appliance to clean.

What Experts Say

“If the child you are feeding is is sensitive to gas, make sure that you bottle-feed your child with a clear and clear post. Place the bottle horizontally. In addition, it is important to set up frequent intervals to ensure that you do not risk feeding the baby too quickly.

Another method to prevent gas caused by breastfeeding is to burp regularly at meals, and then immediately after. Finally, don’t forget to use coupon codes for baby bottles to save money when buying.


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