Brand-First Mobile Marketplace for American Brands and Consumers

To compete with Amazon and other online marketplaces, American brands and consumers need a new mobile shopping experience. The goal of a brand-first mobile shopping experience is to provide a seamless consumer experience from point of contact to product delivery, and from return to purchase. In addition, 26% of Americans said they would buy directly from a brand instead of going through a traditional retailer. But how does a brand do this?

The answer is Wish, an online marketplace where shoppers can shop for their favorite brands on their smartphones. Founded in 2011, Wish has grown to become the leading mobile e-commerce platform in North America and Europe, with over 300 million users. Founded by two former Google engineers, Peter Sculczewski and Danny Zhang, the company has already expanded into several categories of merchandise and consumer electronics. It has over five million active users, and reaches consumers in over 50 countries.

A brand-first mobile marketplace for American brands. This company’s mobile app allows consumers to browse thousands of products and explore unique aesthetics. A mobile app helps users search across thousands of unique brands, and enables them to find the right product for their tastes. A user can also save items to their wishlist, view reviews, and compare prices. As the market for mobile commerce grows, so does the company’s vision.

People always wonder what the antidote is to Amazon, an eCommerce empire that takes pride in ever-improving efficiency and using robots to replace humans. Maybe Poppy is our latest answer. Poppy is a fashion and lifestyle-focused marketplace. When you open the Poppy mobile app, which is the primary form of the user interface, you can explore thousands of unique brands with distinctive identities and various aesthetic choices. From indie yoga apparel brands to succulent gift boxes for birthdays, you can easily discover goodies to light up your day.

There is no other inspirational marketplace quite like this. Poppy has nearly 100 million products curated from all indie brands all over the internet. It is more like a “Shoppable Pinterest” or mobile-friendly “Google Shopping”. And it is an ever-growing platform with daily updates of 15,000 products.  So you may ask why we need another shopping platform like this? Why don’t we just all stick to Amazon?

A brand-first mobile marketplace is the best way to compete with Amazon. While Amazon is dominating the e-commerce market, it is possible for an operator to capture a large percentage of its revenue by creating their own marketplace. One way to compete with Amazon is to start a brand-first mobile platform. It will help brands stay relevant in an Amazon-dominated world. The company has been successful in the past, and is looking to expand even further.


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