Blood pressure and irregularities in men- reason and side effects

High Blood pressure is one of the biggest concerns in men these days. It is the condition in which the arterial walls face higher than normal pressure which can indicate a lot of health problems.

To measure blood pressure means that you have to equate the resistive force that blood veins and arteries face due to the heart pumping blood with higher pressure. Systolic blood pressure is the upper-end band of your blood pressure that is when your heart beats which should be around 120 mg of mercuric pressure while the lower end blood pressure is the blood pressure that you would get in between heartbeats which is the diastolic pressure which should be around 80mg of mercuric pressure for a normal healthy male.

High blood pressure isn’t considered a serious type of problem as in its milder stages it does not have many severe tendencies or symptoms. But as the problem grows severe in stature many complexities may arise from it that may force you to take pills like Cenforce 100 mg.

Higher blood pressure may severely increase your chances of a heart attack. It may also induce severe kidney damage resulting in you being dependent on dialysis. Even you may suffer from a brain stroke.

Generally, the biggest concerning problem in this field is that it does not have any medicine to permanently cure it. It can be controlled using simple lifestyle changes such as avoiding some food items mostly those that are rich in fats and carbs or even doing exercises, morning walks, or yoga for it.


A blood pressure hike is sometimes not categorized by people as a disorder because it does not have any appealing symptoms. But if it reaches a severe stage where your blood pressure has grown up to be severely high that is when people may experience some symptoms of it such as shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing.

What should indicate you to take medical help and visit a doctor?

Blood pressure tests are routine tests for any normal health checkup. If you have it in your medical insurance policy then you don’t have to undertake it separately. Generally, those who are conscious of their health will opt to go for a paid health check-up every six months to indicate such disorder and find a proper cure for them at least when the disorder is still in a mild or moderate stage. People may also tend to take help from medical health policies that have a free health checkup facility each year at least once.

Generally, shortness of breath, changes in sleep routine, or a mildish fever are some of the only visible symptoms.

Causes of suffering from pulmonary arterial hypertension

For most people, high blood pressure isn’t a disorder that arises on its own. It is one of the rarest incidents. But most certainly may arise due to existing problems such as pre-existing disorders.

Here are some of the disorders that may have high blood pressure as an added complexity with them-

Obstructive sleep apnea

Kidney disease

Tumor on an adrenal gland


Certain types of natural problems with blood vessels

Some medicines like birth control pills, OTC pain relief medicines, and some prescription pills too.

Use of drugs such as cocaine and marijuana

Side effects of having a high blood pressure

Heart attack

It is due to the lack of rest for your cardiac muscles that you have a higher chance of heart attack. Heart attack probabilities in patients suffering from high blood pressure are very common.

You may soon find out that it is due to the high blood pressure that you had to suffer from the misfortune of a stroke.

Just like there is a risk to your eyes due to a fine network of blood vessels kidneys also represent a similar type of organ. And it is due to this that men may have to suffer from kidney diseases or even kidney failure. Often people will have to suffer from various kidney problems and even suffer from dialysis which you may become dependent on.

Eye problems

Eye problem occurs due to high blood pressure in the eyes and this condition is known as ocular hypertension. It is due to this that you may soon start to have vision problems.

You see like the brain your eyes have a very minute arterial structure that may rupture leading to a reddish formation in the eyes. Some of the worst consequences of suffering can even be color blindness or complete blindness.

Memory failure

By memory failure, we mean that patients suffering from high blood pressure or pulmonary arterial hypertension may suffer from problems like failure to think or logic or reason correctly which again may force you to take pills like Vidalista 20 mg Generic Cialis. Such a problem can be temporary where people will eventually recover from it or even it might be permanent where you need to tend to have lower than normal thinking and reasoning power. You can get more detail at: Powpills


Dementia or loss of memory or low cognitive capabilities may arise in a person due to high blood pressure. This is because patients might have suffered from a stroke that could hamper normal blood flow capabilities to the brain due to a blockage. People suffering from dementia will suffer from both permanent and temporary memory loss. 

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