Basketball rules with breach and explanation, listen!

Good health is an essential element of every living thing. The same is true of people who continue to live in the community. Staying healthy is a commitment that should be taken and practiced by the whole community.

A healthy lifestyle can improve different living conditions. Focusing is more focused, easier to focus on, and less painful if we maintain a healthy lifestyle. This can be done by maintaining physical fitness through sports. Another sport that requires a lot of movement is basketball. This explains in detail the basketball rules and violations that must be followed

Basketball Rules

In the world of มวยออนไลน์  sports, almost every sports venue has rules and regulations. It is also included in the basketball game which is popular with the world. Basketball is one of the most popular sports and there are many competitions that focus on basketball. Here are some basketball rules to follow:

1. Throwing and hitting the ball must be done by hand. (can use one or both hands)

The basketball game is not separated by a ball and the action of throwing and hitting the ball. These two events have become major events in basketball. When throwing or about to hit the ball, the basketball player must use his hands. The whole body cannot be used to hit and throw a ball. The hand used can be used with one hand or both hands are allowed and relaxed depending on the simple player.

2. The ball should be held in the palm of the hand only.

When handling the ball, this should be done with the palm of your hand. Why? because to make it easier and to be able to catch a child basketball champions must have the strength to hold the ball so that it does not fall into the hands of the opposing team.

3. You can’t mess with other players.

Not only in basketball, but violence is also not allowed in the game. However, many games do not allow for that. This is called deep anarchic action, the world of basketball is similar to wrestling, punching, grabbing, pushing, pushing, or even playing with an opponent or other player. This is not allowed and is a violation of the rules of the game.

4. It is not allowed to touch the ball while running.

If he catches the ball, the player is not allowed to run. When handling the ball, this should be done with a short movement. Because if you catch a ball that hasn’t been touched for a long time, the player must immediately pass the ball to another player.

5. Get points or points when you put the ball in the basketball hoop.

Getting more points is the goal of every basketball game. With the team scoring the most points during the game until the end of the game, the team wins the game. Therefore, each team has to fight for more points or points to win the game.

6. Basketball in one section is divided into 4 quarters (10 minutes each).

In basketball, the middle game is divided into four divisions, each of which has 10 minutes, so in the short term, the basketball player should try to score as many points as possible to win the basketball game.

7. Points will be awarded to the opposing team if a team basketball player makes three consecutive mistakes. In basketball, there are many different elements involved in winning against an opposing team. This will happen if there are 3 consecutive violations on our team. This will be an opportunity for the team’s opponents because they will get points.

8. A player plays an important role in the competition.

Listening to a competitive course is the job of an athlete. On top of that, the player should be aware that the scores grow between competing teams. The referee has the right to notify the referee if, during the match, the basketball player commits an offense.

9. If the goal or idea is correct, the referee may choose.

In addition to helping the great player, the referee in the basketball game can also see that the goal or goal is right with the competing team. Taking this option simplifies and clarifies teams in picking up points or points in a game. Being a referee requires careful and careful decision-making so that you do not want to be one-sided.

10. Basketball team competition.

Basketball is a team game in which ten players compete. If there are ten players, only five will be the main players and the other five will be substitutes. In running competitions or sporting events, teams emphasize good and stable cooperation.

As you learn the basics of basketball rules, and how rules should be complied with, violations of practice will increase your perspective and understanding of what basketball means. So this could be one of the basketball-checking references in terms of knowledge and experience. I hope this article has helped you.


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