Basements: A Possible Solution or An Avoid-it-all?

There is no second opinion on the aspect that those houses which have basements are considered to be of top priority and are often costly among other real estate options. The construction cost of a basement house is comparatively high and thus you won’t normally find those houses which have a basement in them.

But there is also no shadow of doubt on the prospect of having a basement because who doesn’t enjoy the perks of additional functional space. Because of the quality of these basements, the advocacy that you need to have a basement in your dream house in the capital smart city in Islamabad is not a stretch.

Although basements are often those areas that come in handy. There are some consequences that will come unannounced with these basements and your decision of having them in your houses.

Thus today we have compiled the good, the bad, and the overall with the help of this guide. So stay tuned!

Why They are the Best and a Must-Have in Your House

Some of the perks, benefits, or advantages of having basements are documented here:

Additional Space

For growing families, the basement can be the perfect solution as they offer extra spaces to your houses. One major benefit of having these basements is that you never have to suffer the issue of low space or free up some storage space. With the help of a basement, you have an entire floor to yourself and you can be as creative as you want in that area. You can either place your discarded or useless or not at this time needed things in that area.

From your suitcases to the bicycles to your exercise pieces of equipment, you can use that area however you like.

To Tackle the Issue of Humidity

In some regions where the weather is not so much in people’s favor, basements are a quick refuge where a person can stay alert and happy. Basements are subterranean. These places are often insulated from all the sides and thus do not allow the entry or trapping of the heat. All this accounts for them to become a cool place where the ambiance is good from the outside world.

This is one of the main reasons why storage spaces are built in basements because this area is famous for keeping things cool.


The basements are built keeping one thing in mind that it is one of the most secure and private places in a house. Most of the time they do not even have a window in them so it effectively secures high numbers on the prospect of providing safety, security, and privacy to the residents of the home.

Why Should You Avoid Them?

It is not entirely the fault of the basements, sometimes we fail to properly and effectively manage these additional spaces and that is when we have to pay the consequences.

Given below are some of those consequences:


As the name is suggesting, basements are present below the ground level. In the tough times of heavy rainfall, these areas might get flooded. This can be quite hectic for the residents and can be the reason for tough labor work.


The entrance of these house spaces can be quite difficult and thus if you ever have to shift, place or remove any large piece of furniture…. good luck to you. Their entrances are not welcoming for such occurrences.


Well, we have said that these are one of the private spaces inside a house. But we never claimed that they are the quietest because well, to be honest, they are not.

All the voices that are produced on the above floors of the house are easily transported here and then culminate to make it one of the noisiest places in a house.


Because of the cool temperatures and privacy that is offered by these places, a basement is often home to a number of mice, rodents, or spiders. They can be quite a nuisance in the houses as they damage the furniture and properties.


The thing that is pertinent here is to have good management skills. For your houses and your basements, cleanliness as well as maintenance both are required. Make sure to pay attention to this aspect.


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