A complete beginners guide to using an espresso machine

Any coffee enthusiast knows that coffee can be made in countless ways. Every drinker has a unique taste that they enjoy and settles for anything less. Some even go to the point of making their coffee routinely, making sure they brew it up to their standard. For expresso lovers, this desire is fulfilled with an espresso machine, as it gives them complete control over exactly how their drink will turn out. Operating an espresso machine can be an enjoyable task for those looking to take their coffee drinking experience to the next level. Let’s explore the stages involved in using an espresso machine. Anyone looking to buy an espresso machine can order one when they buy coffee online, instead of going to stores themselves.

Getting ingredients ready

The most important aspect, of course, is getting all the ingredients ready before starting. All you need is milk, sugar, and your favorite coffee beans. If you haven’t yet bought coffee beans, try to buy coffee online for the best quality beans.

Setting up equipment

Before moving further, it is always good practice to let your espresso machine run for a few minutes before using it, allowing it to get to its optimum temperature.

Grinding coffee beans

Once your machine is ready to use, it is time to grind the coffee beans according to your personal preference. Measure out around 25 grams of coffee into your portafilter that is ready to use. Expensive espresso machines have an in-built coffee bean grinder that directly grinds coffee into the portafilter.

Tampering of ground coffee

Now that the ground coffee is present in the portafilter, you will be ready for brewing. Firstly, wipe away any coffee extruding from the portafilter tray. Then by tapping the portafilter with your fingers, you will be able to distribute the ground coffee uniformly. This is important before starting the tampering step.

Now use the puck to apply pressure onto the ground coffee. Ideally, it would help if you held directly onto the portafilter and put even pressure for effective tampering. Although there are many instructions on applying pressure, it is best to do what feels right. Once the coffee seems settled, you know you can continue to the next step. Before moving on, remember to brush off any excess coffee from the portafilter just as before

Pulling the Shot

Assuming that you are pulling a double shot, usually around 2 ounces, the pull should be 15 to 25 seconds. This should be the last step for any beginner since you have just made your first espresso shot. However, for the coffee enthusiast, this is just the beginning; the first shot is the template to build on. Now you must evaluate how good your shot is and improve it according to your liking.

Try to experiment, pull your coffee longer and see if that tastes better. Another point to note is how finely ground the coffee is. For shots that take too long to pull, most likely, the coffee is too coarse and requires more grinding prior. Similarly, finer coffee will need less pull and be bitter if pulled longer.

Adding steamed milk

For the espresso lover, the procedure ends here. If you enjoy milky coffee drinks, the last step is adding steamed milk. Expensive machines have milk steamers attached. The principle behind proper foaming is the temperature of the milk. Colder milk will yield loose foam, which will not stick-on top of the cup. You risk burning milk if the temperature is too high, leaving a bad taste in the mouth.


The end goal is a simple, high-quality coffee made from your very own hands. You can impress your friends and family with your excellent barista skills with enough practice. Besides a good setup, high-quality coffee beans are essential for amazing drinks. Be sure to only use the best coffee beans by starting to buy coffee online. The best place to buy coffee beans online UK include the Clumsy Goat, RedBer Coffee, Rave Coffee, and the House of Coffee. These sites are run by people passionate about coffee and are excited to share their high-quality exotic coffee blends with you.


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