7 Types of Videos Fashion Brands Should Make

Digital marketing and its strategies have revolutionized today’s modern world. Undeniably, in today’s digital era, our lives revolve around social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Brands represent themselves through visual content. Pictures and videos shared on numerous social media platforms and channels remind viewers and increase brand recollection

Also, with growing trends, video marketing has become the jargon for all businesses and brands.

Before we move ahead, here are some eye-grabbing statistics to think about:

  • Per 78 percent of marketers, videos have assisted new clients acquisitions.
  • Whereas, per 70% of consumers, videos have served as the most effective form of brand communication for brand recollection.
  • And six out of ten individuals feel more engaged with brands that employ social media videos.

Fascinating Right?

But wait, there’s more. Read on to know exciting strategies and examples.

In the world of fashion, it becomes extremely vital to jump on the latest trends, social media, and advertising bandwagon.

Fashion brands require serious attention on video content due to the nature of the industry. Customers want to see and feel the brands and styles they adore. Video marketing is a terrific medium for brands to build that connection online.

If you’re in the fashion industry, you should use video marketing to get your videos in front of your intended audience. Some of the biggest fashion labels are already on board, so there’s no time to spare!

Don’t just take our word for it; try and see yourself. Many businesses are crushing their marketing strategy with videos; let us look.

Within the fashion industry, video content is used in various ways. Following are some examples.

So without any ado, let’s get cracking,

1. Product Videos

This type can help fashion brands to stay in the spotlight. One such instance is of Asos.

Asos employ supreme video content on their product sites that highlight elements of the clothes that remain unrepresented through photographs alone. Videos allow shoppers to understand how the apparel looks and feels before purchasing. 

Per statistics, 57 percent of customers feel more confident about their purchasing decision after watching a product video. Moreover, studies demonstrate that fashion websites significantly decrease returns if advertising is not up to the mark. 

Asos has launched a social media strategy that focuses primarily on video content to sell its brand and products in a way that feels natural and genuine to its target demographic. They employ an array of fashion videos, including fashion inspirations, hacks, and how-to tutorials. They create videos that connect with their audience. They also include a combination of fashion tutorials and behind-the-scenes videos from fashion shoots and red carpet fashion events. And the numbers back it up. Their social media strategy has raised sales by 24% and Profits by 275%.

2. Teaser Videos

A teaser is a brief video that previews a new product. This content type piques the audience’s interest and is super popular for Facebook and Instagram stories. It arouses curiosity and excitement in the minds of the target audience, who eagerly await the following videos. Product teasers show very little about the products but just enough to trigger the audience’s interest. It is made available much in advance of the product’s official launch. Brands use online video editors to create impeccable teasers that are hooking and irresistible.

3. Promotional Videos

Creating professional fashion videos has become a breeze with professional software, beautiful templates, and an easy-to-use promo video editor. This content type gives a general idea of the product and some of its qualities and features. Promo videos attract the audience to the product and give you a sense of it without direct advertising.

In contrast, a teaser is a quick video, mainly a sneak peek advertisement. It shows a preview of a new product and provokes anticipation in the minds of the target audience, who eagerly await the following videos.

4. Informational Videos

A buyer continuously looks for information about products they desire to buy. Customers delight in being informed when they receive extra details on the materials used or how they are utilized. And when it comes to a stylish product, explanatory videos are unquestionably helpful.

5. How-To Videos (Educational Videos)

If you’ve watched Gocolors videos, you’ll notice how their product can be matched with other clothing and accessories to create a complete look. How-to videos are also considered educational and instructional videos. These how-to content videos are popular with viewers because they instill confidence in them. Both educate and inspire customers on issues, products, and services. How-to videos content type inspire and inform customers on the products and their usage.

Brands are aware that creating informative and educational videos go a long way toward increasing brand awareness and displaying the brand’s identity. So they are a must for any fashion brand. For example, Levi’s video content is a potpourri of advertising and content marketing gold.

6. Behind-the-scenes Videos

When you see how an item is manufactured, you are pleased with the final outcome. The complete process knowledge can make you appreciate all the work and details. It appeals to the interest and craftsmanship of creating the fashion item.

7. Story Videos

These are similar to bran short-films. These forge a bond between the brand and its customers by conveying its ideals to its customer. These softly communicate brand values and allow customers to bond with the company.

Dior’s videos are visually stunning and well-crafted. It’s almost as if they’re telling a mini-story about themselves. Like many high-fashion businesses, Dior’s video material does an excellent job of elevating the brand and showcasing the style and culture it represents. Another superb example is Vogue’s ‘Warrior Woman’ (short film).

Wrapping Up

Apart from these customer feedback videos, event videos and interview videos can be created to obtain greater awareness and attention. In a nutshell, a combination of these video types distributed through appropriate channels would undoubtedly result in an effective video marketing plan.

So what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves and get started with the video marketing strategy for your fashion business.


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