5 Tips To Make Your Computer Table More Manageable

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If you spend many hours on your computer table every day, you will realize even the smallest details of your workspace can affect your productivity and, in some cases, your health. Your workspace should make you feel comfortable and motivate you to work even more challenging.  

There are many helpful adjustments you can do at your workspace, like ensuring your computer table is more manageable through the following ways; 

Ensure Your Computer Table Is In The Front Position 

There are many benefits of keeping your computer in your front position; an example is it helps you remain more focused. It would help ensure you get a comfortable sitting angle and that your back remains straight while facing your computer.  

You can give yourself enough space from your computer table to ensure your feet remain in a suitable position enabling you to work for several hours without feeling exhausted and in pain.  

Create A Charging Station 

You may have several electronic devices on your computer table, making it difficult for you to connect them to your power supply. To avoid this incident, you can get a flat cord power strip that can handle several devices simultaneously.  

Besides, the strip can handle huge electric currents, preventing your devices from exploding or damaging. You can place the strip strategically behind your monitor to avoid straining your back while using it and ensure the charging items are out of sight to prevent them from distracting you when working.  

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Create Space For Your Stuff 

It is pretty common to find pens, documents, phones, and notebooks lying around near your computer. You can create space for these items on your table to easily trace them in case you want to use them.  

Notably, you can use drawer dividers on your computer table and label them; this will prevent your colleagues from opening the drawers and your personal and work items from mixing up.  

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Keep What You Require On Your Table 

Many people usually overcrowd their tables with items that they are not even using. You can limit the items on your computer table by getting only one functional keyboard and mouse. It would be best to eliminate unnecessary items instead of leaving them to remain on your table. This will give you more working space and ensure your computer table appears organized.  

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Scan Your Documents 

With the growth of the digital industry, there are now plenty of ways to store your documents as a soft copy through scanning; this will help reduce the number of hardcopy documents on your table. You can save the files as PDFs to make it easier for you to access them.  

Notably, if you scan a document, you may also need a hard copy, but you should get a safe space to store them. It can be done far from your computer table since you may not need to access them frequently. 

Other Tips For Organizing Your Table 

  • Tether your cables. You need to pay attention to things on, under, and behind your table. If there’s a tangle of wires behind your computer table and within your eyesight, it may cause distractions. To reduce the distraction from the cables, you can look for zip ties or Velco wraps to help gather all your cables in one place and put them in neat bundles. Afterwards, you can tuck them away safely.  
  • Look for a trash can. You can purchase a trash can and place it near or under your table, making it easier for you to dispose of any materials on your table that you are not using. It will also help if you get recycling can to help discard documents you are not using at the moment.  
  • Sort your papers daily. Instead of leaving a pile of documents to lie on your table, you can go through them and determine which ones require scanning, filing, or shredding. The process takes up a few minutes, and your table will be good to go.  
  • Do a regular clean-up. You need to clean your computer table regularly; you can use a dry cloth to wipe your monitor and remove any dirt particles. Besides, you can also organize any documents that fell out of place and look for folders that you may have accidentally lost. 
  • Keep your electronics hidden. There is no point in keeping your modem and router on your table as they blink at you; instead, you can place them in a drawer or where they would be out of sight.  


Your computer table needs to be clean to give clients a positive impression of your workspace. You can create several shelves to enable you to categorize different items. Moreover, it will help to do regular maintenance on your table to rectify any damages. Besides, it will help keep your table under control.  


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