5 Things To Know About Pine Tar Kush Strain

There are different cannabis strains that you ought to know about. All these have different strengths that make people have varied preferences. One of the strains you will certainly;y come across in your journey as cannabis users or enthusiasts is the Pine Tar Kush strain. But what is it, and how does it differ from the rest?  

Below are interesting details you may want to know about this strain. Keep reading for more insights. 

It is a Pure Indica Hybrid Strain 

Even as you get 100 pure pine tar strain, you’ll be pleased to know that they are an Indica hybrid strain. This means that it is a direct descendant of the famous Kush Indica strain, known for its high potency. Its roots can be traced back to Pakistan and were introduced by Old Dreams Genetics in the market. The genetic makeup of this strain is suspected to be from the landrace strain, which is native to the mountain ranges of Pakistan. Due to its roots of being a landrace strain, it generally has higher levels of THC. On the other hand, its Indica traits make it perfect for mood-boosting.  

Unique Feel, Smell, and Texture 

The Pine Tar Kush is a stand-alone kind of cannabis strain in appearance. Its unique features make it easy to recognize, starting with extreme stickiness and thick resin coating. The thick resin may not be pretty to touch, but you want to see them in the product because they indicate the valuable terpenes found in the product. They are responsible for the unique tastes and flavor that make them perfect for anyone seeking to experience a lifetime. 

It has a woody flavor and an appealing sticky feel. The Pine Tar Kush tastes like pungent earthy pine with wood citrus flavors that get spicy when exhaling. What’s more, this feeling intensifies as you continue to smoke. Many users love the tangy-skunky smelly feel they get with this strain. The buds are small and leafy round, super green neon green nugs with sparse orange hairs and frosty golden trichomes. Additionally, it also seems to have an extra sticky coating of resins.  

Out of the World Effects 

Just like it is the case with other Indica strains, this strain is best used in the evenings or at night when one’s target is to relax and sleep. While this strain majorly stands out because of its appearance and taste, it is also loved by many because of its effects on consumers. Generally, people get feelings of joy and happiness, with bouts of long-lasting focus that lingers in their heads for some time. 

It starts off with a euphoric high that quickly escalates into a happy, uplifting effect that leaves most consumers feeling blissful and slightly focused. Users tend to have a buzzing feeling at the back of their heads as the high continues to build up. Consequently, the neck relaxes, and the feeling spreads throughout the body.  

The buzz leaves you feeling sleepy and seriously hungry, which explains why users tend to scramble for whatever snacks and leftovers they can lay their hands on before the drowsy effects overwhelm you to a point where you cannot move. Considering the powerful effects, you should consider using it for treatment of mild to moderate versions of insomnia, depression, muscle spasms or cramps, and in some cases, for lack of appetite.  

You should also expect some giggles and laugh when you choose to use this product. It is the perfect choice for when you want to relax on your couch on the weekend and catch up on your favorite movie or Netflix show. 

THC Content 

This is a pure Indica strain with THC levels between 18 to 22 percent. This is considered a reasonable balance with average effects for new and experienced users. You do not have to worry about the product overwhelming you because of being too powerful. Since this product is a direct descendant of the Kush strain, you get to experience the exotic and historic feeling of the Kush variety as old users did. You can say that the experience is exceptional. 

Fantastic Reviews 

You can almost tell when a product is the best in the market based on the reviews that users have left behind. This kush strain is undoubtedly a favorite for many. Regardless of whether you are first-time users or experienced cannabis users, you will enjoy the Pine Tar Kush. It is intense without being overwhelming, which is a rare combination. You also get to enjoy a perfect blend of effects that many users struggle to get in their cannabis.  

While the appearance may be disturbing at first, especially if you do not like the sticky nature of the resin, you can be sure that this will be quickly replaced by the positive effects the strain delivers. It is your perfect choice for whenever you want to relax and unwind, especially if you want something to boost your mood and get you to create the right environment for the weekend. It can also help you get the much-needed sleep you need if you struggle. Many users have reported exceptional effects for the different reasons they took it.  

The numerous 5-star rating shows that despite the super sticky nature, many people do not mind since the strain compensates perfectly for the excellent effects it offers. The scent, flavors, and effects combination are something that not many other cannabis strains can attain. When it delivers beyond expectations, this is something to be celebrated. 

Final Thoughts 

Therearenumerosu cannabis strains out here to choose from. The choice can be overwhelming, especially when you have many choices to make. However, when all factors are considered, users want to have a cannabis strain that has everything they desire in one. They want excellent flavors, tastes, and smells that are inviting that they will only have the zeal to enjoy the product some more.  

Besides that, they also want a product that leaves them feeling great because of the effects. In some cases, users want a strain that relieves their pain and discomfort. This means, therefore, that they must invest in the right cannabis strain. Pine Tar Kush seems to fit the profile of all these traits, which explains why it continues to be most people’s favorite choice. 


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