5 Inspiring Tips to Start Writing About Artists 

Of course, writing about artists is itself an art.  

Hosting a simple artist website with a portfolio and resume was enough back then. However, times are a little different now. To entice your audience these days is equivalent to a full-time job – you need to invest your time, energy, and talent.  

A website of any artist is essential for spreading the word about himself. Not only does it help to promote the work of an artist, but it also grabs the attention of prospective art buyers. For instance, an art blog on the website can offer relevant content to art enthusiasts and motivate them to return often.  

If you are an artist yourself or thinking of writing about artists, we have shortlisted five amazingly inspiring tips for you. Read them along.  

1. Stick to The Plan  

Writing isn’t as easy as you think. But we are here to help you and not haunt you. Once you have set up your writing blog and online art galleries for artists, you have to plan to run it successfully.  

Well, it certainly doesn’t mean that you have to fight tooth and nail. But at least you should have a strategy. Start with deciding how frequently you will write. One blog a week? Two blogs per week? Or three? It is up to you. No matter what number you choose, keep the one you could live up to consistently.  

Once you decide the number of blogs in a week or month, mark the dates in your phone calendar, and try not to miss the deadlines. Also, set some rules for proofreading and editing the previously published blogs, and keep up the excellent work.  

2. Treat Yourself as a Content Creator, Not Content Recycler  

Most art bloggers write the trending topics or copy what their competitors write about. You might not know this, and no one might not tell you, but we’re saying, “You’re cooking the recipe of your failure.” Yes, that’s right.  

It doesn’t mean that following the trend is a mistake. But you are an artist. There’s more to your creativity than recycling what’s already on the internet. That’s why we suggest you become a content creator and not a content recycler.  

Also, if you go beyond the normal and write on off-trend topics, don’t worry about the audience’s reaction. If they love it, they love it. There’s always a way to balance things if they don’t by writing out a few timeless advice, recreational, or resource blog posts.  

3. Consider Your Blogging Time as Business Time  

Most art bloggers commit the mistake of not taking their writing time seriously. Well, seriously, it is not a good thing at all. Consider art blogging like your business only (did you notice, we didn’t even say side business!)  

Acting as a business operator while blogging will help you double up productivity, reward yourself from time to time, and above all, improve. Tell your wife, kids, and friends what your blogging time is and that they might not bother you.  

Considering your blogging time as your business time is super important. Because if you value what you are doing, others will surely do.  

4. Appreciate Other Artists, Creators, Too 

A good artist appreciates others in the same community. Time and again, you should write one or a few posts revolving around fellow artists – maybe the experts or newbies even. Let’s say if you are publishing a new post every day, make sure one or two from them is about another artist who has achieved something or just entered the art industry. Doing this has two incredible benefits: 

  • One, your audience will appreciate you not being self-centered and talking about others except you. 
  • Two, talking about someone else in your blog means a direct invitation to high-authority backlinks to your blog in the future.  

Besides these two, another benefit that comes along is ‘spreading the buzz about you without actually spreading it.’ See, you are not promoting yourself as an excellent artist. But if you show a gesture by clapping other artists on your page, your audience will think of you as a great artist.  

5. Find And Pin Excellent Resources For You And Others  

The last you might want to do as an artist is to keep fruitful things from your audience. There is no big deal if you link a few other blogs, pages, magazines, and reports apart from what you own on the internet. At last, writing online means offering things to your audience that give them a unique value.  

At first, it may seem to you that linking to other websites means you are diverting your audience and reducing your organic traffic. But think of it like this, ‘you are attracting the traffic of all those websites that you have mentioned in your blog.’ 


Being an artist and making a name in this cut-throat competitive world is tough, agreed. However, you can achieve that extra mile that you wanted to cover for so long with a bit of effort and performance. As people start knowing you as an artist and a blogger, keep growing more and more. You can ask your audience to comment, share, and ask questions and not only stay mere readers. This way, you will keep moving!  


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