5 Important Car Maintenance Tips To Avoid An Accident

One moment the road is wide clear, and suddenly, there are siren noises, pedestrians gathering to help, smokes swirling into the air and pain! You may or may not recover from it because a car crash comes like a shock that movies and novels do not portray effectively. But there is a possibility that you can prevent it in the future.

To do so, you can emphasize car service and maintenance to reduce the probability of getting caught in a gruesome accident. Car safety and maintenance tips and tricks prepare you to prevent an accident and eliminate the need to spend a hefty amount on treating injuries and car repairs.

Use the following car maintenance tips to keep your car functioning smoothly and you and other passengers safe.

 Faulty Brakes Are A Token Of A Car Crash  

One of the most common problems that car owners suffer is defective brakes. Some of them transition into car crash victims because they do not have proper brakes. The faulty brakes are the dramatics included most of the time in thriller movies. They steal away your ability to prevent a collision with another car, property or a pedestrian. So you might have an idea regarding the trauma they can expose you to.

Every driver is well-acquainted with the warning signs indicating that brakes require maintenance as they usually face the situation where it is necessary to slam on the brakes. If there is screeching, vibration, or applying extreme pressure on the brake and it takes time for the car to halt, it is high time for you to get your brake pedals checked. Even if the symptoms are not prominent, get them checked out annually.

Ensure Your Wiper Blades Are As Good As New

Good visibility is an important element for ensuring a safe driving experience. Wiper blades prove useful during rain as well as improve visibility during dust storms and other harsh weather conditions.

However, damaged wiper blades that do not work correctly can become a big issue over time. It would come as a surprise; therefore, inspect your wiper blades regularly for tears, cracks, stiffness, or any sight of wear. If you spot any of these, you must have them replaced to improve the visibility.

It is also wise to inspect your wiper fluid regularly. If you have an optimal fluid level, you will be able to discard bugs from your windshield and prevent streaking. Above all, you will be able to prevent a crash.

Squeaky Clean Headlights

Almost every driver holds the belief that their vehicle’s headlights are working perfectly fine as long as they turn on. But a regular maintenance session can improve their performance. You must pay attention to your headlights and keep them squeaky clean.

Many car manufacturers place a protective film on the outside of the lenses to protect the headlights. Harsh UV radiations can damage this film, leading to a yellow or foggy outlook of lenses. This cloud appearance can distort your visibility during the night, increasing the chances of getting into a car crash. Therefore, examine the plastic covering on your headlights to ensure it is plastic clear and not dingy or yellowing.

To clean your headlights, you can utilize a headlight restoration kit to sand and wax the coverings. If there isn’t much improvement after cleaning your headlights, you may need to buy a replacement headlight or take it to a car mechanic.

A Bad Battery Is A Nightmare

The more sophisticated your car’s dashboard is, the more significant is the strain on its battery. Many modern vehicles have powerful technology embedded in them. It can drain out your battery, leaving you stranded anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the faulty electrical system can stall your car or make it operate improperly when driving, leading to a collision.

It is crucial that your mechanic have a look over the battery cables for cracks and breaks. The terminal should fit properly with any loose connections. You or your mechanic can check your car’s battery fluid

Watch Out For Uneven Tread Wear

Examining Car tyres for wear and tear along with checking the alignment and tire pressure can assist in preventing an accident. Underinflation or overloading can result in uneven tread wear. It could result in a tire failure on a highway. Thus, it is better to check your tires before heading out.

To sum up, these tips can prevent the headache associated with costly repairs and maintenance services. Above all, they will secure your life and keep all kinds of bad accidents miles away from you!


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