5 Best Ways To Prolong Your Vape Kit’s Life   

Vaping has become a common trend among CBD users as it offers a simple and exciting way to consume the product. The device that makes this possible is known as a vaporizer. Apart from being a popular device on the market, it is also cost-effective, and you can use it for an extended time without having any issues. Once you purchase the device and the battery is intact, you only have to spend on the e-liquids and coil replacement.  

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Ever wondered why some vape kits last longer than others? Apart from buying a durable vaporizer, its longevity depends on handling the device. If you just bought a new e-cigarette, the tips below come in handy as you learn how you can extend its useful life.   

Clean your Vape Kit Regularly  

While this tip might seem obvious, some users are guilty of neglecting their vape kits for a long time. The simplest and one of the most effective ways to elongate your device’s life is proper maintenance through regular cleaning. This way, dirt and residues won’t accumulate in the device.   

The frequency of cleaning is dependent on how you use the vaporizer. Using it regularly will put pressure on the coil as its grime and e-juice residues build upon it; this accumulation can affect its function. If you are a frequent user, be sure to clean the vaporizer once a week.  

Cleaning the device does not only elongate your device’s useful life; it enhances the performance of your vape kit. With a clean tank and new coil, you will get a rich flavor with a long-lasting effect. When cleaning the device, pay more attention to the tank, vapor path, chamber, coil, and screens along the vapor path.   

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Maintain the Right Temperature  

The working temperature of your device can affect its lifespan. You can protect your vaporizer from early damage or breakdown by using low wattage. Vaping at high wattage raises your device’s temperature and makes the liquid burn quickly. This practice stresses the coil. Ensure that the temperature setting does not have a high wattage as it produces a massive cloud that can reduce your vape kit’s lifespan.    

Vaping at a lower temperature also lets you enjoy a more extended vaping session as the wick won’t burn out fast. Therefore, it is good to set a minimum temperature before swinging into action. Vaping at a high temperature heats the coil before soaking the e-liquid. Minimizing the wattage setting can elongate the coil’s useful life.  

Use the Appropriate Coil  

Vape coils are thin wire strands that attach to the device’s base. They require regular replacement due to their functions as they heat up every time you vape. They get dry and draw more juice from the tank. A proper way to maintain your vaporizer is to invest in a top-quality atomizer that can withstand frequent heating. Note that every coil comes with specifications like the best working conditions and power rating.   

Apart from getting the suitable coil, you should use appropriate wicking material; they include wool, stainless steel, ceramic, and cotton.  

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Be Sure to Prime New Coils Before Usage  

Another vital tip to lengthen your vaping device’s life is to prime a new coil before you install it. Priming the atomizer head beforehand will prevent your coil from burning prematurely. Furthermore, be sure to saturate the wick before vaping to preserve your device. You should exercise caution when doing this to avoid flooding the device.   

Failure to prime a new coil can make it burn immediately due to its dryness. Allow the coil to saturate the e-liquid for at least five minutes. Manual priming is an excellent option for those who want to get into action without waiting.  

Use Premium Liquid Only 

There are different types of e-liquid on the market; each of these juices has its unique characteristics. The fact is the quality of vape juice you use can determine how long you will use your vaping device. Excessive sugar can clog the coil, preventing the wick from soaking the e-juice. Hence, you should go for a vape juice with reduced sweetener. You can check where to get thc vape juice online and look for the best that suits your needs. 

Furthermore, e-liquid with a higher VG concentration can burn your coil quickly; therefore, go for PG liquids. Juices with VG bases are thick and do not soak the wick well. On the other hand, PG juices dip into the wick properly, thinner, enabling the coil to function optimally.   

One of the keys to extending the life of your vape device is premium liquids. Avoid e-juices that allow more residue and gunk to accumulate on the coil. Using a vape liquid with the right blend of PG and VG can make a big difference in preserving your vaporizer.  

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The lifespan of your vaporizer is mainly dependent on your usage habit. In addition to elongating the life of your vaporizer, proper maintenance will improve the quality of the vapor produced, giving you soothing and exciting vaping sessions. In short, the lifespan of your device and your vaping experience depends on how you take care of the vaporizer.   


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