5 Best Subscription Boxes To Choose For Adventures In 2022

The subscription box has now been widely applied to almost everything you can buy, but it’s most beneficial for the things you use and enjoy regularly. A subscription box helps automate the process of purchasing and receiving products, giving you more time to use them. 

But, again, it’s about living rather than simply surviving (unless that’s your thing).

Are you ready to hit the trail? Keep the travel dream alive with our selection of adventure subscription boxes, chosen specifically for every type of occasion. From scavenger hunters and campers to mountain hikers, there’s something on this list for you. 


Basic costs $29.99 plus shipping, Advanced costs $59.99 plus shipping, Pro costs $109.99 plus shipping, and Pro Plus costs $159.99 plus shipping.  

Concerning this Subscription: Battlbox ranks amongst the best monthly outdoor subscription boxes in 2022. It delivers a monthly assortment of outdoor gear and accessories, such as emergency tools, camping supplies, and preparedness gadgets. Expect to receive items such as fire starters, knives and sharpeners, flashlights, compasses, and other necessities to make your survivalist adventures a blast! 

Crate Club 

Besides, you have a choice of four plans. 

The Standard plan is the most affordable option at $34.99 per month, the 6-month subscription costs $26.99 per month, and the yearly subscription costs $23.99 per month.  

The Pro plan is for you if you want access to pro-level gear. It costs $59.99 per month for a monthly subscription, $53.99 per month for a 6-month subscription, and $47.91 per month for a yearly subscription. 


  • The monthly fee is $32.95 plus shipping.  
  • Longer subscriptions save you money. 

Concerning this Subscription: Nomadik is a fantastic lifestyle subscription box for outdoor enthusiasts. In addition, Nomadik monthly deliveries are themed, allowing you to improve each aspect of your outdoor readiness.  

For example, hydration (which includes an insulated water bottle, a reusable straw, and electrolyte powder), wellness (which consists of an eco-friendly travel toiletry bag, biodegradable wash, and skin repair spray), and campfire stories were previous themes (which sent fire starters, a bottle opener, playing cards, and more). Nomadik will ensure that you hit the trail in style, whether you’re an avid outdoor person or a beginner (and well prepared). 

Cairn + Obsidian Cairn 

The Camp Life 

For its thoughtfully curated, high-quality content, The Camp Life receives excellent customer feedback with all plans, including free shipping. 

  • Subscription Frequency: Quarterly. 
  • Shipping is free. 
  • Only ships within the United States. 

The Camp Life subscription boxes are our top pick for those who enjoy spending time in a tent and nature. There are two alternatives to consider: The Outdoor Essentials box includes three to five camping essentials for any camper, whereas the Glampers & Campers box includes five to seven items for campers and RV enthusiasts. 


The price of a travel subscription box varies greatly depending on the model you select. The packages on this list range in price from about $20 to $55 per month, with discounts available, when you pre-pay for multi-month plans. If you enjoy traveling around the world and trying out new adventures, a travel subscription box could be an excellent option for you.  


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